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We are called to bring my precious Jewish people home in the end times. We know that in the near future the only way that will be possible will be by boats.

Isaiah 11
And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. Gen. 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Recent Reports

Listed below are the last six reports.

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Ukrainian Jews Told To Register or Be Deported

4-19-2014 The leaflet demanded the Ukraine Jews supply a detailed list of all the property they own, or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated. For years I have warned this was going to happen and like Germany of the 30′s and 40′s it will get worse, much worse in …

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This year the Search for Chametz begins at night fall on the 14th the Seder is on April 15th, 2014 The prophetic fulfilment of this Holiday is clear. It is a time to thank God for our freedom, and that covers many types of freedoms. To be a free people, and to be free to …

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What is Wrong with the American People?

It may be easier to see the true intent of Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration from the Israeli vantage point. That is not to say that many living in the US [in fact I think the majority] have come to the conclusion that pure evil sits in the Oval Office. If you don’t mind my giving …

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Only With God’s Help Can It Be Done. God Is Never Late.

3-22-2014 The Ukraine situation continues to worsen. The new Government is very anti-Semitic making life extremely dangerous for the Jews who live there. Many are poor and without the means to emigrate to Israel or to leave the country in any direction. The good news is that the Israeli Government seems to be on top …

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Purim 3-13-14 The book of Esther called in Hebrew, The Megillah. Purim is a minor festival of the Jewish calendar, and it occurs on the 14th day Adar. There are four main charters in this story, the hero of course is Queen Esther, she was Jewish and had won the Miss Shushan Contest and became …

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Ukraine Today

March 11, 2014 Much could be said concerning this film, but all I am going to say is this will give you a look at the future of the US, that is if there is still enough love for Liberty and Freedom left in the US. That may not be true either, because most who …

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