104 Arab Muslem Murderers, WHY

104 Arab Muslem Murderers, WHY

July 30-2013
It’s hard to understand what happens to men and women who come to political power. They are, for the most part, voted in by people who want the best for their country and themselves. Netanyahu was the one who first gave away land for peace to the so-called “Palestinians”. He was kicked out of office for his act of betrayal upon the Jews of Israel. BUT, he told us that he had learned his lesson and would never do anything like that again. That, coupled with the poor field of politicians to choose from, he was re-elected as Prime Minister after giving a long list of spirited anti-Palestinian speeches. Today we see the same old Netanyahu submitting to US pressure in the rush to divide the Jewish State – assuring the eventual destruction of Israel.

It is still clear in our memories that Sharon [who we believed to be the champion of the Jewish Settlements] suddenly turned into something, or someone, we couldn’t understand, by demanding that Gaza be given to the “Palestinians”. Over 9000 Jews were forcibly uprooted from their homes, and many of them are still homeless to this very day. It stands as one of the saddest days in Israel’s recent history.

The question must be asked; why is it that the US is so intent on dividing the small Jewish State of Israel? Why is Kerry now giving his full attention to the destruction of Israel with all the horrible things now happening in the Arab World? Why is Obama giving his support to the so-called ‘Rebels’ in Syria, when the world knows they are mostly made up of Hezbollah and al-Qaida? Why has Obama supported Morsi in Egypt and the Muslem Brotherhood?

Maybe more important questions should be asked? How Obama could make Netanyahu agree to turn 104 Arab “Palestinian” terrorists with Israeli blood on their hands loose in advance of a promise of a meeting with Abbas that everyone knows will not produce peace? Or anything that resembles peace? And why can Obama get Netanyahu to turn 104 Arab murderers out of prison against the will of his people and yet not release one Jew who has killed no one – and has been in prison for over two decades? It makes one wonder what happened to Netanyahu and Sharon and much of the American Congress. What happens to the ones elected to serve in government when the majority of them change after being elected?

In many of my past reports I have used the term “smokescreen”. The problem is that the smokescreens are so important that one can’t help but to take his or her eye off the larger picture. With all the horrible events taking place globally why is the “Palestinian” problem so important? For those of us who actually read God’s Word we know the answer to that, but for the rest of the world it is a smokescreen, for they don’t have a clue what is about to happen to them.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that all hell is about to break loose, and the only thing that will be important to the masses will be survival. As for this ministry, it is, and has always been, important for us to warn those who will listen that they must try to prepare the best they possibly can. God’s call on this ministry is to save Jewish lives. The day is upon us now that Jews will not be able to stay in Europe – for the coming Holocaust there will be far worse than the first. It is not just the European Jews who will be hunted down. It will be world-wide, and now is the time for those who can to come home to Israel. It is here where they will find God’s promises for them. But for the European Jews boats will be the only possible way in the coming days for them to leave Europe and come to Israel.
If God has called you to bless this ministry in saving Jewish lives, it is now that we need to hear from you.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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