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Urgent Letter

It is with great urgency that this report is sent to you, I just returned from a trip from the Island of Cyprus after a very important meeting. It is now believed by all concerned that the European Jews have very little time to be able to freely leave and immigrate to Israel. We have all seen the ugly head of the Nazi spirit rise in the name of Islam coming for some time. Possibly there were some among us who didn’t believe it would spread so quickly. In today’s Europe Jews are living in fear of being beaten on the streets – even murdered, their synagogues being bombed and homes burned. It’s like a rerun of a terrible movie of the Holocaust. One of the oldest populations of Jews who live in Turkey are now leaving for fear of their lives.

We have spent years preparing for the time when Jews will have no other way to leave and come home to Israel but by boats. It would be hard to find anyone living in the Middle East who would not tell you that ISIS, al Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and many others all have their one common desire – that is to kill Jews wherever they can find them. But we are also seeing ISIS murdering and beheading Christians by the ten of thousands. Placing even small children’s heads on stakes around the cities to further terrorize the Christian populations in the Middle East telling them that they have three choices, pay for protection, convert to Islam, or die.

What I find terribly troubling is that the Churches and the entire populations of the so-called free world are more concerned over the death of a lion than the lives of brothers and sisters in Yeshua. Surely God will pour out His judgment in greater measures in the coming days.

I am making this report short and directly to the point. We need your help. We are very short on finances. We had to replace a motor in one of the boats costing over $12,000. Joel has been working very hard on the boats when he isn’t being called into the IDF for active duty. Connie and I continue to give support to the families who need our help to survive with money for food and it is getting harder every month to give that assistance out. We are still building a food supply for emergency times when those who we bring will need food in a time of war and hard times when they arrive here in Israel.

Things between Jews and Arabs [ the so-called “Palestinians”] are worsening by the day with anti-Semitism and lies about Israelis feeding their evil hatred for Jews.

One things is determined in our meetings with people involved with us to save Jewish lives; that is time is running out to be prepared and finances are very short and in some cases no-existent.

If you have been waiting for the last minute to send your help, this just might be that time. One thing is certain, we have very little time left to be prepared, and I don’t mind telling you the need for the larger boat is always on my mind. We would be able to save so many more.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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