How Close Are We to All Out War?


2-23-2019 to All Out War?

Today throughout much of Europe Jews live in fear of leaving their homes or walking in public.  In France there are signs showing up on the windows, doors and walls of Jewish establishments.

It looks much like the 1930’s – 40’s we are watching the Devil once again try to kill all the Jews.



Jewish cemeteries all over France are being desecrated


Turkey: Uniting An “Army of Islam” To Defeat Israel
Istanbul recently hosted the second “International Islamic Union Congress” in which it was proposed that 61 Muslim countries develop their own rapid deployment force.


Remains of hundreds of victims found at former Belarus Jewish ghetto



Over 1,000 Jewish graves discovered in Belarus nearly all had bullet holes in the head.

I could send you hundreds of these pictures recently taken in Europe today, but I think you get the message. Another Jewish Holocaust is on the horizon and for the past 10 years I’ve been telling the Jews of Europe that their home is Israel and God has both Fishers and Hunters it’s their choice.

England has surrendered to Islam by all appearances, Sweden gave up long ago and now Sweden is burning, and their women are being raped by Muslims by the thousands.  And no Jew in his or her right mind would want to live in Holland.

Germany surrenders more every day to the Muslims and their Sharia Law. Now France and Germany have “No Go Zones” where large blocks of the cities are forbidden zones for non-Muslims.

There is a long list of European countries that could go on this list.  The bottom line is that Muslims now control too much to be stopped without an all out civil war.  And it is first Saturday then Sunday, that is how the Muslims say that Christians are next.  In fact, it has already begun against Christians in many places.

In my dreams and studies I can easily see how the war will begin and the Holocaust will start by murdering of Jews and later Christians.

The coming war again against Hamas in Gaza will begin soon. This time Israel will go after Hamas like never before and while this is underway the regional war could began, but Israel will have no choice but to go after Hamas with the intention to totally destroy it in the shortest amount of time possible.

As you see above the Turkish Army wants to lead the charge, and that by the way is very Biblical, and now we are talking about the big one.  With Iran pouring everything it can into Syria, weapons, missiles and foot soldiers by the thousands close to our northern border, they simply can’t sit there for too long without acting out their ambitions to destroy Israel.  So it is obvious to me that the war will start very soon.

Russia has supplied anti-missile defense with their S-300 along with tanks and support soldiers.  All the above is now sitting on the northern border and logic tells you it can’t sit there too long before it begins to deteriorate. It’s use it or lose it.

And what we see happening is the Islamic forces in Europe are waiting for this war to begin before they make a final move to kill all the Jews they can find. This is the Devils plan and they are his army.

These Islamic devils are controlled by the same Nazi spirit that controlled Hitler. Click

There is so much more to this but we can only cover so much in a single report.  The question for this ministry is; where does all this leave us?  For one thing our boats must be protected as best we can and then the protection of the Lord and your prayers are very, very important. Your support is also important because without the needed finances we can’t leave port, and all the years of work will have been for nothing.  And if our contacts and communications are not current we are likely to fail as well.  Not to mention putting the lives of those we pick up in danger at open sea.  Fuel logistics and provisions have to be ready and now is the time for us to get everything in place as quickly as possible.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have precious little time, and our time is even running out for even this kind of email communication as well.

I pray we will not fail them or ourselves in doing every possible thing we can to save them.

If you’re still reading this report, there is a good chance God is speaking to you about your part in this ministry.

I will close with this; America plays a part in this and it must be remembered Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are moving their war machines into place as you read this.  Nuclear Subs, and Ballistic Missiles. Russia is claiming they have a nuclear torpedo that can destroy all the east or west coast and there is no way America can stop it.  China has spent trillions of dollars on the navy and missile technology.  And now being seen moving aircraft carriers closer to the US coast.

You get the picture. All hell globally is about to kick off.  If you want to make a good investment that pays really great dividends, heaven can’t be beat.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem pray for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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