“God’s Breath Over The Negev Desert”

“God’s Breath Over The Negev Desert”

A beautiful inspiring picture taken by my son Joel in the Israel Negev Desert.  It shows a wonderful view of the Desert in southern Israel but it also has a very spiritual meaning. If you will look closely at the clouds you will see a white dove setting on the clouds coming out of the mouth of God.  You can see his white eye-brows, eyes and his cheek bones and nose and the breath coming out of his mouth the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit).  The picture is absolutely beautiful and a conversations and blessing hanging in your home.  It is printed on Cotton Fine Art Paper with a 9 pigment ink Epson printer and will last for a couple hundred years before fading.  It shows the Holy Spirit being blown by the breath of God the Ruach Ha Koddesh over all of Israel if you have eyes to see it.  No Photo Shop it is the real deal.


They say you can see what you want to see in the clouds, but this stands out to me in a very spiritual way.  I absolutely love it and it hangs in my office.  This is a very

Special picture in real life it is much more beautiful than seen in this email.

One of the sizes should fit in your home some where, it will make you very proud to share it with others when they visit your home.

It will be shipped in a protective tube.  All profits go to support this Ministry in Israel.

To order please go to https://thegoldenreport.net/store/photographs/

Shalom,  jerry golden

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