Iran’s UAV Program

by:  Joel Golden

Iran’s UAV Program

The Dangers that this program presents to joint effort against terrorism for the US and Israel.


As we know both the United States of America and Israel are on the front lines fighting the continuous growth of terrorist groups in this world. This war on terror is manageable because of our vast lead in technology, but we are watching our technical lead dwindle with Arab countries getting closer to nuclear capabilities and the recent deals giving them F-35 stealth fighter planes plus long range bombers with smart bombs. We are now in a dangerous position.


With Iran’s new military drone program they can run real recon missions over our bases of operation and strike us whenever and wherever they want. That gives them an advantage that they have never had before, and us at a disadvantage we have never had before.


These drones have a range of about 2,500 miles. That puts them right over top of any military or civilian target in the middle east, both American and Israeli. With there ability of both surveillance and bombing, we are no longer operating behind the curtain of secrecy. America and Israel have been the only two countries fighting this war against Islamic terrorism and this never ending war against evil has just become much more difficult for us here in Israel. As a soldier in the IDF I can tell you that we should be interested in this development. I will be keeping close attention to this threat and will be keeping you informed as much as possible. Please pray for peace in Jerusalem and all the soldiers fight the evils in this world.



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What can we do!


As long as we are obedient to God’s calling and doing what the Holy Spirit is leading and showing us to do then we are off to a good start. I can tell you from the Scriptures, God wants us to be active in our walk with him. We all have different roles in Gods plan. If you find yourself drawn to the Ministry of saving European Jewish lives, maybe that is God pulling at your heart to be apart of this Ministry. Pray about your role in this Ministry, as you probably already know time is running short.

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Shalom and God bless,


Joel Golden

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