All Those Chosen Have Had This Problem.


I’ve just gone through a few weeks of believing myself to be a total failure in the ministry of saving Jewish lives, not a good thing for someone my age who has been in the Lord’s ministry for 53 years.  It seems my biggest problem was that I still hadn’t learned that God does not have control in your life if He can’t bid you to stop, be still and listen.  For most of us it is not only easy but a joy to know God has commissioned you to do something and you feel His warmth and love in knowing that you at least believe you’re in His perfect will.  The one command you don’t want to hear is to stop and be still and listen.  After all you have witnessed His hand and His voice leading you and those who God has brought to that ministry have also come to the conclusion that what we are, or have been doing, is pleasing to God.  So how can I quit and why should I?  Yet somehow you know things you are in need of; a much closer walk with the Lord and then we have this inner struggle of how or what needs to be done.  After so many years you know when the attention you’re getting in the spirit is God encouraging you or trying to get you to see His plan not the one you think you have all figured out. But God’s ways are all knowing.  He is preparing you for the ministry He has ordained for you and knows what it takes to prepare and motivate you for His ministry, not yours.


For the first ten years of serving God it was absolutely fantastic even fun. We’ve seem many thousands saved and filled with His Holy Spirit in churches, civic centers and prisons.  As a young evangelist I didn’t think life could be any better, and of course that is not always good for a young evangelist’s ego and vanity.  Somehow I now know that is necessary for those of us with hard heads in order for God to get control of you and direct you as you begin to grow into maturity.  The thrill of being the one placed on the pedestal in the church is great until you get knocked off as many evangelists and pastors can attest to. Yet they placed you on that pedestal to become their sacrificial lamb.  Humility can’t be found on top of the pedestal it is found in the valley.  It not only will make you a better pastor or evangelist but a better person, husband and father.


Yeshua (Jesus) taught us this on the Mount of Temptation near Jericho where the Devil tested Him by the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.  It was after Yeshua’s testing that He was led out of the wilderness by The Power Of The SpiritAnd then His three years of miracles began.  But it was then I noticed that He never performed any miracles until after the testing.  I don’t need to tell you that Yeshua only went through this testing to show us what must be accomplished in each of us before we are ready for His ministry.  We now know He could not sin He is perfect and sinless.


You might be wondering why I’m saying these things and the answer is simple I’ve recently experienced a real touch from God and new directions, one He has not had an easy time convincing me of.  I am a hard headed Jew who thought he knew what God expected from him and thought that nothing could change my mind. I was gong to establish many boats and contacts and emergency communications with Rabbis and believers around the Eastern Mediterranean but God with my son Joel’s help has finally made me understand.  That is not to say that what we have been doing was wrong. No, it was the way God knew He could send us out to establish the right contacts and places to rescue the Jews who will be trying to escape the next coming Holocaust in Europe.  For when this coming war starts Jew hatred will increase even higher than it is today and the Jews who couldn’t get out will be faced with death at the hands of the Devil’s people.


The fact is that there is no other way we could have made all the arrangements had we not had boats and the means to travel and letting the right people know of our plans.  The possibility of us with a few boats and a handful of crew could save many with small boats, but I have been shown that large ships can’t get into the places we need to in order to save many.  But private yachts could, and after this coming war many things will be different about bringing Jews home on private boats.


I finally understood that we can save many with the information we have acquired if we recruited others in Israel and other places to join us.  And there would have been no other way for that to happen if we had not gathered the necessary knowledge.


For those Jews here in Israel, (many we know), who have boats and are willing to risk their lives to save Jews are far more than you’d think.  But having a boat without the instructions telling them where to go and what time to be there, who to contact and what to say (codes), a setup emergency system of communication – then under such circumstances it would not be possible.  I should also say at this time that because of this coronavirus we have all experienced for the past two years we desperately need to reestablish many of those contacts.

To summarize this report; I now thank God for all the time and experiences we’ve had setting up. I no long feel like a failure but know we are in God’s perfect will and our attention now must be directed to recruiting Jewish and Christian boat owners and begin speaking with them and training them as to what is happening that can’t be published.

All hell is about to break loose not only in Israel but around the world. As for the USA, Biden is completely controlled by China. Whatever it is they have on him and his son must be terrible.  And there is no secret that China is preparing for war along with Iran, Russia and North Korea.  You should be doing what China is telling its people to do, put aside at least enough supplies for one year.  On my site there are some suggestions on how to do that.

Inflation is eating up your finances and that is not all that is about to happen to it.  It is my belief, and that of many others, that the dollar is about to fail. To me that means if we are going to be ready to set sail saving European Jews we need to gather the finances now before it’s too late.  Donate now


So I want to say this to those who love God’s Word, His people and Israel. You have precious little time to support it to make it happen.  And my suggestion to all of you is first take care of your families and if God has touched you to receive the eternal blessing of Gen 12:3 now is the time to do that.

But above all else, be sure of your salvation.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for those who love and defend Israel.  Pray that we will be able to continue and increasing the food distribution to the needy here in Israel.

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Shalom,  jerry golden



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