A Day in Israel

You finally come to the conclusion after listening to the “Palestinian” lie at every given opportunity; it seems they simply cannot tell the truth.  Now we hear President Abbas say that a Palestinian official was barbarically murdered by the IDF.  When it was revealed on video what had happened it showed that the PA official pushed an IDF soldier and the soldier pushed him back – and the man had a heart attack verified by the autopsy performed later by a Jordanian and Israeli doctor.

Then we have a prominent “Palestinian” Sheik call for the slaughter of all Jews. He preached in the Mosque that the time for slaughtering all Jews has come.

About a mile from our house a “Palestinian” threw acid on a Jewish family with young children at a bus stop, and then began stabbing Jews with a screwdriver.  A Palestinian terrorist approached the Hussan checkpoint in a car close to 1:40 pm Friday afternoon and threw acid at them – including four girls between the ages of 8 and 10 and the father, about 40, who is now suffering from burns to the face.

This is just a few of the acts of terrorism Friday near our home. Across the country many more incidents happened. Most went unreported as they do daily here in Israel.  But daily we hear President Abbas call for violence against Israelis and promote incitement in Palestinian schools teaching their children that to kill Jews makes Allah very happy.  This same Abbas tells the international community how he wants peace, and then joins forces with Hamas.  But Kerry and Obama continue to force Israel into a suicide two-state solution.

In the meantime, with Iran about to realise their nuclear ambitions, we have Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon pointing over100, 000 + missiles at us and ISIS setting up in the Sinai and Hamas resupplying their missiles as quickly as possible.  The liberals in the government want to disband the Netanyahu government and call for new elections.

With the right wing unhappy with Netanyahu for not finishing off Hamas in the last war in Gaza we now have new right wing parties forming and splitting up the rightist base.  At the same time the left is uniting for this coming election and that could be a real disaster for the future of Israel, unless God intervenes.

But, when we look around the world it seems to be the pattern in governments everywhere.  We wonder what is holding up the US petro dollar and everyone is guessing when it will completely fall, causing the whole world to go crazy.  Meanwhile,  countries like Russia and China are trying to establish a new currency to replace the US dollar as the world reserve currency.

As God is being removed from the American way of life, in schools and all public places, other believers in Yeshua (Jesus) around the world are being mass slaughtered by the thousands by Muslims.

Add to all this, the ecology, horrible weather patterns never seen before destroying our ability to grow enough food, and decimating the economy of many countries.

I could go on and on but my point is this; God is not happy with us, He is not happy with those who have bought into the easy believism and sit in comfortable churches enjoying the good life knowing what is happening to others for their faith in God.  The “bless me” clubs that some call “church” is an insult to God.

Whoever you are and wherever you are there is more you can do, and that includes me. God has called us to save Jewish lives in the coming days that are soon approaching.  But when I look around and see so many hurting, and kids that are hungry,  I ask myself how can we tell them about Yeshua if we don’t first care for their needs.  Many believe that their little bit of help would not make a difference, but to your relationship with God it will make all the difference.  The families we are now helping here in Israel are also very important and it is a struggle trying to decide how many we can help and not be distracted from the calling of saving Jewish lives by sea.  Please pray with us.

This ministry is but a small part of the solution – but it is a part and the more we are able to prepare the larger that part will be.  The boats we now have can save a few but a larger one could save many more.  To have the boats and not have the resources to operate them is also worthless.  If God has brought you to this ministry now is the time for you to get on your face before God asking what would He have you to do.  Time is running out to prepare, we need to hear from you.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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