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A Few Things I Need to Say and You Need to Hear!

Every day we read reports about how the “Palestinians” in Gaza are digging more tunnels under the borders into Jewish Communities. Today I watched two Jewish mothers talk about how it is like living in a nightmare knowing that at any minute terrorists will emerge in their yard, come into the house and kill them all as they have done so many times in the past years.

Millions of dollars worth of concrete is allowed to cross into the Gaza Strip every day, more than enough to rebuild the homes and cities, but instead it is being used to build terrorist tunnels to wage war and death on the Jews of Israel. What is even harder to understand, and live with daily, is the question; why is it being allowed to happen when it is common knowledge, when the Hamas leaders stand up daily saying they are rebuilding the tunnels to kidnap and kill the Jews. It just seems so insane. Here in Israel most of us wonder what is wrong with Netanyahu and others in the Government. Why do thy feel it is necessary to wait until some more Jewish mothers and their children are murdered in their homes by these hate filled evil Islamic terrorists. Why can’t they just stop them from building the tunnels? It’s not as if we are talking about a large piece of land – Gaza is a small place. Surely it can’t be because of world opinion, when we know that the majority of the world is more than ready to allow the so-called Palestinians to destroy Israel believing that somehow it would solve their terrorist threats they are now up against with ISIS and other Islamic Muslims now taking over in parts of the world – mostly in Europe.

I read in the Word of God in James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and does it not, to him it is sin.

I also remember reading somewhere that Albert Einstein said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Many nights before falling asleep I think about these words from God’s Word and wise men and think about myself and what little I do and that I must do more to resist evil. That maybe it is just too easy for us to wonder why others are not doing more but that I can do more.

So many times I have asked God why would He give a man such a task when the man knew full well it was beyond his ability to accomplish the task. Then leave him so many times feeling defeated not knowing what to do next. Of course such a man always knows to turn to God for the answers and directions but many times neither seem to come. I don’t mind confessing to you that I’ve asked God why or how could He give such a task to a man or woman and then not give the same sense of obedience to others to come to the rescue when the times get really difficult. That if it is His commission why should it be so difficult to accomplish, after all He is God.

Once I remember speaking with God like this when He did answer, I didn’t realize He gave the answer at the time but in prayer later I began to see what He said. “It’s not just about you or even my people – it has to do with the salvation of many” What God was saying was in effect Gen. 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. It was then I remembered many years ago God gave me a message to preach that God never seems to do anything with a singular purpose. Yet we are so full of self that we think it was only for our ears or spirit to hear, but the truth is God’s ways are so far beyond and ahead of us we can’t even imagine the results of our simple act of obedience to Him. One thing is certain He could have found many far more qualified for this calling to save Jewish lives in what is coming straight at the European Jews. But He didn’t and for reasons I will never understand He not only chose me but He chose you as well. The question is will we pass the test? For I am certain God does test us to see what we are made of.

It’s together we can save many, and not anyone of us are more important in God’s eyes for He is no respecter of persons.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel who is being called into active duty this month, and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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