A Little Reality

In the USA today’s politics makes no sense, right is wrong and bad is good.  It’s more socially accepted in today’s world to say you’re a Homosexual than to say you’re a Christian or a Jew. Political correctness has become law and you must abide by it or else you will be punished.  But in all fairness it’s not only in the USA but the entire world for it’s like the times of Noah.

It has become more obvious that it’s not just Government that is big brother, it is the social media that has become so strong that they even control the government and now decides how you will speak to each other with words you can and cannot say (Forget Free Speech).  As the world spirals downward into the pits of hell the Church sits comfortably in their multi-million dollar Churches calling themselves “Christians”  some even believe themselves to be righteous while the world’s children go hungry and die unnecessarily from starvation and disease.  Even in the Land God calls His Land (Israel) 1 in 3 children live far below the poverty level.  And even as we prepare to bring Jews home to Israel in obedience to the Word of God and the calling placed on us, the Churches are far to busy in their programs than in God’s Prophetic Word.  Sounds a lot like the problem Yeshua (Jesus) had with the Pharisees.

It sounds like I’m getting bitter and that concerns me as well, but I’m not getting more bitter just more awake to what has become of what we call the Church today.  They somehow have become convinced that they are not part of God’s plan for Israel and the Jews.  But many believers have and they refer to themselves as Messianic Jews, not being born Jewish but have been given a chance by God to join the Jewish family for He would have it that none should perish.  Romans 11:17  And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree;

Many Jews are beginning to wake up to the fact that “true” Christians are their brothers and sisters not their enemy.  For no one loves the Jews more than real Christians and more Israelis have come to know and understand that.  Both Jews and Christians are waking up to the danger they are facing as anti-Semitism spreads like wild fire not only in the US but around the world where God and His Word are being outlawed in public places.  Keeping in mind  John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

Jerrold Nadler a Democrat and the Chairman of the House of Representatives in the US Congress.  He is the nation’s fiercest protectors of LGBT rights recently said the following “God’s will is no concern of this Congress” I find it difficult to understand how an elected official sitting in the US Congress could make such a statement in the United States of America and keep his seat in Congress.  Now it’s no God in the public schools and now even the US Government kicks God out.  Wonder why America is suffering so much in so many ways, the weather, economy, morally and spiritually.  I don’t blame it all on Biden or the likes of Nadler and Pelosi because the fault lies with the people, more than that, now it’s those who were elected in the government, they all know (the whole world knows) the election was stolen by the democrats, yet they are willing to sit idle and watch the democrats turn America into a socialist country, knowing that China, Russia and the Devil himself are very happy about what’s happening in the US.  Trump says he isn’t finished yet, I pray he is right and that what he is doing is allowing the Democrats to expose themselves for the evil they represents to the people, exposing the deep state and swamp before he makes his move but the longer he waits the more damage Biden will get done to the country.

There are those who are exposing the corruption in the Supreme Court and throughout both houses of Congress people like Sydney Powell and Lin Wood.  What is becoming more obvious every day is that China has compromised many and have spent decades trying to compromise as many in anyway they possibly can, by sexual encounters, threats and bribing them.

In the mean time here in Israel we are being faced with having to take on Iran alone knowing we can’t count on Biden or those Obama associates he is surrounding  himself with.  And if we think this isn’t bad enough we also know that if Trump doesn’t make his move soon we will see Kamala Harris (Mrs. President) I’ll allow your mind to think on that for a while.  It’s time for America to show some back bone and make a decision not to accept this phony election.  The Democrats have already made it known they are anti-God and the obvious next step is anti-Israel.  Zech 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. God doesn’t bluff, when He says it, He means it!

Faced with the reality time is closing in on us to be prepared with boats and provisions setting up safe houses and routes, making certain that other boat owners will be able to assist us in rescuing knowing that we have everything lined up for them all they have to do is be there at a certain time.  We are organizing with Rabbis who can handle many of the boarding arrangements at pickup points.

But the real truth is we are financially not anywhere in a position to set sail after all this time and effort simply because of the falling off of support over the past year.  We understand that things have been rough this past year because of Covid-19 but the fact remains many could perish if we fail to organize and be ready.  The majority of other boat owners that are willing to risk everything to save Jewish lives; also have a finance problem and need help to be sure they are prepared to accommodate those who come on board.

There are some in places you’d never believe who are willing to charter larger boats for us and even small ships; however, the fuel and arrangements takes a lot of trust and cooperation, and once again its finance makes it all happen.

my greatest disappointment at this time, along with the above mentioned lack of finances, is the lack of funds to purchase the larger sailing boat that would make it possible for us to reach further out and bring many more home.  By purchasing a sailing boat like a 30 to 40 meter Turkish Gulet, We would not be hindered or stopped with such a boat, because we couldn’t find or afford fuel.  These boats that are also under power get very good fuel consumption if the fuel is available, but if not we go anyway, as they sail around 10 to 14 knots.

I haven’t and most likely will never stop trying because I really don’t feel I have a choice other than to love and follow God’s calling on my life.  I’m praying that those who God has called will accept the call to bless Israel through this ministry.

If God has touched you to support this ministry I pray you will stop whatever you are doing and pray, asking God what He would have you do.

My son Joel is now able to help full time in the Ministry after 20 years in the IDF.  He has started a YouTube Channel, that has taken The Golden Report to a new level using video, teaching you about Israel through his eyes.  Please visit “The Golden Report” YouTube Channel and subscribe.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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