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A Little Truth about Shimon Peres,



No Doubt Shimon was a great man, but history is full of great men who were very evil.

There is no doubt this report will cause me some unfriendly feedback, but for those of you who know me, I always feel it necessary to speak my mind. With age I have learned to slow it down a bit and do some praying before doing so. Possibly the timing of this report is not so good, but here goes anyway.


Shimon Peres former Prime Minister and President of Israel. He was elected to the Presidency by his peers in the Knesset, after the fall and disgrace of the previous President he became Prime Minister after the murder of Rabin, but I don’t want to go there.


Like another former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who begin his military career in the IDF and rose to high rank, and later became a member of the Knesset. Both were, at the beginning, Hawks and later became Doves or worse.


Sharon gave up the Gaza Strip and nearly 10,000 Jews were forced from their homes and livelihoods. Even until this day many of them have never been compensated for what the Government took away from them. In many cases they were dragged from their home kicking and fighting with the children screaming and crying – causing mental problems for the rest of their lives with regard to their feelings about their own government.


That evacuation brought us Hamas who quickly took over the Gaza Strip and began firing rockets at our civilian population and continues to do so up until this very day with no condemnation from the rest of the world or the UN.


What is worse this has brought us 3 wars that have taken thousands of lives and many other confrontations with Hamas, who also continue to send suicide bombers into our cities like Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. And today the world knows they spend every dollar sent to them from the international community to build tunnels to invade Israel for the upcoming war, while many go hungry and their infrastructure never sees any repairs. Yet America and Europe continue to send the money knowing what it is being used for.


Back to Shimon. At the beginning of working with the Israeli Government he was a Hawk and Israel has him to thank for many things like the nuclear deterrent at Dimona.


He soon turned into a Dove and began talking about a 2 state solution, and as a result we got Oslo that formed the Palestinian Authority (PA) giving us his Noble Peace Prize buddy Arafat, and now Abbas. They both encourage the teaching of the PA children to kill the Jews, to hate them and that they are the descendant’s of monkey’s and pigs making future generations nearly impossible to make peace. Both Abbas and Arafat were masters at using the Media and propaganda to further their lies and hatred. Working in the world’s universities and colleges making sure the coming generations will follow their hate filled ideas of hating and killing the Jews. I might add this is the very same agenda of the Devil and as long as he can control Islam it will continue.


The Two State solution will never happen.  It would spell the total destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. Judea and Samaria would quickly turn into another Gaza controlled by Hamas or even possibly the likes of ISIS. It is my personal belief that Netanyahu knows this and only gives lip service to a Two State Solution in order to get along with the other world powers knowing it will never happen.


What Shimon Peres brought us with Oslo and the Two State Solution is death and misery for both sides. Keeping in mind that the term Palestinian State was never used until after the 1967 war.  The so called Palestinians have never had a state of their own. It is a lie that has been repeated so many times that now the world has accepted this lie as truth. But a lie is a lie regardless of how many times you repeat it.


I know that the above is not a detailed account and this is not a book but a short article. For the details it is easy for you to do some investigation on your own.


Now for this Ministry, please read the following I will keep it short as well.


Jews are pouring out of Europe, and it is believed by our IDF generals that we are facing an all-out war and that it will be the worst Israel has ever seen or could imagine. Our daily newspapers are warning us to prepare with provisions and bomb shelters.


The first target will be our heavy populated areas and we know or have been informed that the enemy now has over 230,000 rockets capable of hitting every civilian population center in Israel. But one of their first targets is the only international airport in Tel-Aviv making it impossible for Jews to escape the Holocaust by flying to Israel. When this war kicks off it will also set off the coming Holocaust of Jews still remaining in Europe. They will have no other way to escape but by boats, God has shown me this many years ago and we have been doing all we could with limited resources to prepare with boats, communication and contacts.


Today our best boat, a Turkish Gullet, sits in an Israeli marina and we are unable to move it. It just had a new motor installed but the tanks are empty and it takes over 20,000 shekels ($5,000) to fill the tanks. The mooring in Turkey must be paid for when we arrive, costing 9,000 euros or ($10,000). The many expenses of provisions and a hundred other items run up into many thousands. Keeping in mind this is only for one of our boats. Keep in mind this will be a very short war, Israel will win, for the Greatest of all powers is on our side and we need to have at least one if not all the boats out of here and nearer to pick up points during that war, for as soon as it is over European Jews will be running for their lives, we need to have the boats near Greece, Italy and the Greek Islands to assist them on their way to Israel. It takes three to four days to get to Greece from Israel by boat, that is far to much time when they need us much sooner.


I know it sounds like a lot of money but we will be saving a lot of Jewish lives – God willing.


Every morning I wake and go directly to prayer asking Yeshua to open the hearts and minds as well as their pocket books that the work we have done will not have been in vain. We are so close to a full scale operation and we simply do not have the needed finances.


Please pray. If God has brought you to this ministry please ask Him what He would have you do today. Put your check in the mail right away, for time is so very important.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and ll the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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