A “Must See” in Jerusalem

June 8-2015

A couple of months ago while walking up an alley in Jerusalem on my way to meet with some friends I surprisingly ran into a very old friend of over 40 years, Mike Evans.  Mike, Art Katz and I go back in time to the early 70’s having ministered together and visited and stayed in each other’s homes. God has used Mike to bless Israel and the Jewish people for decades in many ways – too many to mention here.

To say we were both surprised to meet each other alone in this small Jerusalem alley would be an understatement.  He said “Jerry if you have the time I want to show you something” and took me to a building I have walked by many of times over the past 30 years and had no idea what was happening inside.  His ministry FOZ (Friends of Zion) has taken over the entire building, and what he showed me inside was not 100% completely finished and was yet not ready to open, but would be in the coming weeks.

It is a very high-tech interaction visual experience you will never forget.  It shows how Christians have been a part of the establishment and blessings on Israel for many years.  In fact it is amazing. There are no words that I can come up with to explain the experience. It is simply fantastic, but more importantly it is blessed by God, anointed and will move you to tears.

When you come to Israel it must be very high on your list of things to see and experience. Be sure to speak to your tour operator about this.

For a short preview and location in Jerusalem http://fozhc.org/en/exhibitions/

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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