A New Type of Intafada

A couple of months back we saw videos where the “Palestinians” were watching videos on the PA TV stations on how to stab Jews with their knives. I remember writing about it, but like most Israelis I didn’t think it would ever come to much. Was I ever wrong! For the past month on a daily basis Jews are being stabbed, young, old, children and all others are now being faced with the possibility of being stabbed when you leave your home. What makes it difficult to defend against is that you can’t tell who the terrorist may be. Today a 13 year old Arab boy stabbed an old lady. Yesterday an Arab women stabbed a security guard near our home. Today while I was in Jerusalem, less than a hundred yards from me, two Israelis were stabbed on the light rail in the center of the city. Sometimes the young Arab men come dressed as Jews with their knives, other times an old Arab woman who you’d never suspect pulls a knife and starts stabbing Jews. It seems that it gets worse every day. What makes it so crazy is that over 90% of the terrorists are killed on the spot – so for them it is really suicide, but they keep coming anyway. Mothers stand up on TV saying how proud they are that their son stabbed a Jew and was killed in Allah’s service and they want their other sons and daughters to do the same thing. For the few in the world who still don’t believe that Islam isn’t of the Devil- they need to take a closer look.

In the meantime we are being told that our northern residents need to be prepared to be evacuated from their homes and moved further south when the war begins. Meaning that those of us who can will be taking many into our homes, when over a million of them flood into our area.

As Russia, China and Iran fight to keep Assad in power, the US and those who Obama keeps calling “Syrian Rebels” [but the rest of the world knows are al Qaida and ISIS] are determined to oust him. While the only ones really fighting ISIS are the Kurds and they get no help from the US or Russia, and meanwhile the Turks are bombing them for fear they will claim independence as a Kurdish State. I know this is not the whole picture but a quick over-view of the mess that is right on our northern border. All of the above have one thing in common – they want to destroy Israel.

With the Islamic invasion of Europe taking place we are watching in real time the complete takeover of Europe by this Islamic insanity. As we predicted a couple years ago the Jews are now finding themselves in a really terrible situation. Most of the Jews of Europe have been there for many generations and to them it is mistakenly “home”, yet God has another idea of where their home is. Much like the 30’s and 40’s far too many of them will hold on to their livelihoods and property one day too long when it will no longer be possible to fly to Israel and boats will be their only chance. This ministry will be the only answer for the possible rescue of a very few, and the masses will be unable to find boats capable, willing or able to carry them to Israel.

That however is no reason for us to slow down in our efforts to save as many as we can any way we can. Right now we have our best boat out of service and must have a new marine engine put in it. The only reason we still have it back in Israel to be repaired is that we had a smaller boat that Joel was able to sail and go find her drifting in the middle of the Med and tow her back to Israel in the middle of the night under the watchful eye of the Israeli Navy.

Our one 60-foot motor boat is in good condition and ready for service but she runs 2-360 hp engines burning over 90 liters per hour making it very expensive to operate and we are not doing well with the finances and need your help. In fact the motor for the Gullet will take over $20,000 and then the expense of taking out the old one and putting in the new one.

I am telling you all of this because you should know that we are in great need of a real financial blessing, and we both know Who our source is and I also know He has joined those who He would to this ministry and I have the responsibility to report these needs to you.

There are other parts of this ministry that are taking a toll on us as well. Including the families we have agreed to help with their basic food, and the storing of supplies to assist them with sustenance in the time of war. I could go on and on but I know you can see what is happening so I leave it between you and God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry jolden

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