A New Way to Support This Ministry

A New Way to Support This Ministry

and Help Yourself.


Some have asked me why I put Bitcoin on the web page as an added way to support this ministry. The answer is simple. I prayed a lot about it, and kept wondering why I felt so sure that Bitcoin would rise dramatically in the near future. I’m certainly not a financial adviser or a Bitcoin expert by any means, I just feel it in the spirit and no, I can’t say God gave me a vision and no I can’t say He didn’t but I somehow know it will rise possibly to $20,000 even $40,000 or much higher in the near future. A friend gave me a thousand dollars and told me to open a Bitcoin account with it. Well it only bought me .014 of a Bitcoin but when I bought it as requested by the giver it was just over $6,000 for a Bitcoin the day I bought it. Today it is nearly $9,000 and that is only in a few weeks. Millions of people around the world are waking up to Bitcoin, and there are Bitcoin ATMs everywhere now. You can buy and sell them for cash just like a regular Bank ATM. For example if someone sent you some dollars or euros by Bitcoin today you could make the choice to let it to rise, or if the money was needed now you could just go to a Bitcoin ATM and pick up the cash.


If this ministry had a few Bitcoins and when they rose as I believe they will it could go a long way to saving Jewish lives. It could even buy the larger boat. You may be like me, just couldn’t understand the principle behind Bitcoin. It just didn’t make sense but I began to study it and I am now convinced it is the future and I think those who don’t get in it now will be very sorry in the not too distant future. And I can’t believe I am even saying that.


If you don’t have a Bitcoin account you can get one, and it’s free and you don’t even have to invest anything to have the account. If you already have Bitcoins and you want to donate it to the Lord’s work it is the instant and fastest way ever to send money.


I know that most reading this don’t have a Bitcoin account – but many do. I hope you don’t misunderstand this report. If it motivates you to do some studying that’s a good thing because not too far down the road you will remember this report.


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Shalom, jerry golden

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