A Possible Move to Israel for Someone…

We are willing to offer someone on this list the opportunity to move to Israel, not only move but to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Israel. As you know Joel, Ola and our granddaughter Eva live on one of our boats. It is a 60 foot Motor Yacht and it is a boat we would love to sell and put that money into another Gullet capable of carrying more Jews to Israel. This is a really beautiful boat with three bed rooms, a large Salon, Galley and ready to sail anywhere in the world. But more important it is a fantastic home in an Israel Marina. Giving you the ability to move anywhere in the Mediterranean or much further.

Someone Jew or non-Jew could buy this boat and live on it as Joel and Ola have for years, you would have solved a very big problem about housing and found a very nice living condition much better in my opinion than living in an apartment.

You would not only find it very a easy way to make the move into a life style in Israel but you would also be helping us with a larger boat to save Jews. Who knows you may even want to be involved with this boat when the time comes in this ministry that would of course be up to you.

Please don’t reply to this email unless you are serious about moving to Israel some time soon, very soon. If you are interested in such a move I would be happy for you to come and look at this boat and make your decision. If you know you’re going to move later you could secure this for your family now. The price is very low for such a boat, $150,000 (firm, very firm) and for your information that would not even buy a one bedroom apartment in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv in the worse of neighborhoods. This could make a couple or a family of 3 or 4 very happy.

The boat was taken out of the water in Sept and went back in the water September 20th, after being completely checked for seaworthiness and condition and was found to be in very good condition and seaworthy.


Again, please don’t take up my time if you are not really interested. As you know time is very important and if you’re interested I would suggest you come to Israel right away and check out the boat. In my opinion there is not a better deal or opportunity for someone who wants to make the move.

Shalom, jerry golden

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