A Quick Look Around

It seems like every time I write to you it can honestly be said, “it looks like war could break out at any time”. So I do have something new to tell you today; “it looks like war could break out any second now”. Living on the edge all the time wears on one’s nerves and makes it hard to plan anything in the natural too far in advance. But we thank God that He has shown us in the Spirit that we must plan with His guidance. For with all our knowledge, and corrupted news media misleading us all the time, it is God’s timing, wisdom and this guidance we must seek daily.

Connie and I returned from another trip to Turkey and once again we saw and felt the hand of God with us every step of the way. Joel went with us and familiarized himself with the new radar system and other equipment newly added for safety to the boat. We are satisfied that we can carry Jews home to safety on that boat as it now stands.

As usual we looked around at some larger Gullets (Turkish boats) around 30-meters and realized once again that with one of them we could save many more – and again I ask every one to pray with us about this need.

As you may have heard the Mediterranean is becoming overcrowded with US and Russian warships. The US 6th Fleet in the Med and the 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf have never looked more ready for action. The Russians too have added many other battleships and aircraft carriers long the Syrian coast.

It looks like Turkey has placed herself between a rock and hard place now that Syria has downed two of their fighter jets. If they retaliate with any aggression Russia will get involved as Russia is backing Assad and Iran. Not to mention that Turkey depends on Russia for its energy needs.

Turkey spent the past couple of years cultivating friendships with Iran and Syria thereby alienating herself with Israel and the West. Now she has nowhere to turn for help and assistance but to the West and possibly even Israel. But we all know one bomb could change everything in a split second.

As anti Semitism grown in Europe to a level not seen since the 30’s and 40’s Germany just passed a law that forbids Jews to circumcise their 8 day old boys, a law that Jews cannot obey.

The only thing I am 100% certain of is that we are about to become really busy with the two boats we now have and I am constantly looking for others to join us. Without any shame I will tell everyone reading this again; finances are low and it is very important that we have more for what is ahead of us. Our communications have improved a little with some radios and one satellite phone. The ground work in the Greek Islands, Cyprus and Turkey never is finished, and the word and plans have to reach the right Jewish leaders and Rabbis in Europe. So you can see we are busy! We thank God for those who are working with us and pray for the needed finance to assist them as necessary.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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