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A Trip to Cyprus


As the world is crumbling all around us there is still a place we can find a calmness and peace, but how easy it is to slip over into current events, wondering about the future for our kids and grand kids.

Connie and I just returned from the island of Cyprus where we had two very successful meetings, so successful that it gives us a clear signal from the Lord that His timing for this Ministry to go into full operations is upon us. One meeting was with the Rabbi of Cyprus that gives us a clean channel into the Jewish community there. That also opens up all the channels between each of the Jews in Cyprus who are in contact with many family members in Europe. It automatically gives all those who may be seeking help to get Israel through the Rabbi who is in contact with us here in Israel. A phone call from the Rabbi and we are on our way with boats to gather Jews and bring them home, God willing. It is a meeting that could have only been arranged by divine appointment. Showing me very clearly that the time of the coming collapses of Europe and any possibility of a Jew living anywhere in Europe is coming to a close. Another Holocaust is on the horizon.

The second meetings was with Pastors from all over Cyprus who gathered to hear what God gave me to say to them their hearts and minds were very open and it will open many possibilities. We are praying that meetings will open the hearts of Believers to the knowledge of their responsibility to help Jews get home before they are once again murdered for being Jewish. We are in the process of organizing two coordinators on the Island to stay in touch with me letting us know when and where to pick up the Jews from the Island. The logistics and coordination’s are very involved but I just feel you need to know the basics.

It has also quickened in me the need to speak clearly to those that God has placed with this Ministry that the time for your total commitment to bless this Ministry in saving Jewish lives is today. Our needs are great and only God knows how much time we have to be prepared.

At this time we have two boats ready to go, and one with the motor being replaced and it should be ready within the next two weeks.

One of our greatest needs is the purchase of a larger boat, and that stays near the top of our daily praying. We are very low on finances and fuel and supplies must be in place on the boats.

Our needs here in Israel are also increasing as others are asking for our help, we pray we never have to say no.

I am asking you to pray, just pray, I know God will speak into your heart and spirit.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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