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A vision 10-9-2011 I’ve been encouraged to send this out again. A Vision the Morning after Yom Kippur

It’s the morning after Yom Kippur and it’s 3:A.M. here in Israel, I couldn’t sleep, the same vision kept occurring over and over, it was the presence of someone Holy had His hand on my shoulder and would not allow me to turn my head or speak.
There was what looked like millions of people all shouting and screaming in the streets, at first it was the streets of Tel-Aviv, and then it was New York, it kept changing locations but the people all had the same blank and evil appearance not knowing what it was they wanted but seemed to be obsessed and unable to control themselves.

I wanted to ask what is this and why are you showing me these things, I knew of them already I see the news and know the world is facing horrible times to come. But was unable to speak or ask any questions.
Then everything changed, and I was looking at the great suffering and I believed it was in Africa for most were black people and like the pictures often shown on TV they were covered with flies and many were dying before my very eyes, the smell was so horrible that I couldn’t breath, the sounds of torment and suffering was beyond words to describe. As I looked into the eyes of children there seemed to be emptiness and hopelessness. The mothers looked at me as if it was because of me and others like me that brought this terrible suffering on them. In their eyes I could see the sins of the whole world that had somehow fallen on them. There has a shame that swelled up inside me, I felt helpless to help these people. The One who stood beside me with His hand on my shoulder knew my every feeling and thought said there is much more for you to see.

He begin to speak to me saying, once again there is greed, fornications and adultery in the Church and in My Jewish people and the time of repentance is here but not coming forth from the people, judgment will now fall on them around the world. Once again the people of the world see a horrible evil killing millions and they still are unwilling to show any mercy. I have great patience and forgiveness but even this has limits and it is now time for judgment, and a great suffering will fall on the earth.
A time now forgotten by most when the evil spirit of the Nazis killed millions of my precious Jewish people has returned and has raised its ugly head to kill millions more. Fires like have never been seen will cover the world and millions will die, not by My hand but by the hand of the evil that has gripped the soul of mankind. For I have no part in evil, it only occurs when I am absent and I have been rejected by the Church and replaced with greed that feeds the bellies of many who call themselves Christians.

There is salvation only in My Word and My Truth, this must be found and sought after by all, it is available for those who truly love Me more than life itself. As for my Jewish people I will not forsake them, and Israel will be saved, and those who know my Word know to stand with her. The world has failed to recognize the many blessing I have sent to them through my Jewish people, instead they hate them out of jealousy. They also hate the righteousness of my Word that I also sent to them and they have perverted it in their Churches and Synagogues.
There was much more shown to me, but I know that what I am to share is only what you have now read. Possibly at a later date, I will be able to release the rest.

I am now praying for a season, to gain the courage to send this out, for it is a very hard vision and one many will reject it. If you get this it means God has made it clear to me to send it out. I do so with fear and trembling.
I just re-read this vision, and had the feeling I should make some changes, but once again I dare not, and I will send it out as is.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, jerry golden

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