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A War Like No Other

Here in Israel our Generals and Military Strategists all agree that ISIS is not anywhere near our largest war threat. They also all agree that this coming war [and they are expecting it very soon] will be the most difficult by far of any of Israel’s past wars. We know we are fighting an enemy who have no rules of war. They have no honor or scruples, terror is their weapon. Innocent women and children are always their first target.

The IDF has been very busy in preparations for this coming war knowing that southern Lebanon and the Syrian Golan Heights will be the front where the majority of the threat will come from with the hundreds of thousands of missiles which are sitting ready and aimed at our cities throughout Israel. To this armchair quarterback it seems suicidal to just sit here and wait for the attack. I speak with many old- timers in Jerusalem and they all believe Israel is in very deep trouble. They are worried about this next war knowing many more will die than during the past wars. In the past the northern front was with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Today that front has expanded with ISIS and other Islamic Terrorists organization in Syria closing in on the Golan.

There are now plans in the north of Israel to evacuate hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes moving them further south. That will be a major undertaking considering the fact that we will be under intense attack. It is also known that it’s not just a war with Hezbollah this time, for the Lebanese Army are seen patrolling together with them, and Hezbollah is now an official part of the Lebanese Government.This means that Israel will not just go after Hezbollah, but all of Lebanon.

Therefore it will be necessary to hit them with everything we have, and harder than anyone would ever expect. Of course they know this – yet we are not talking about normal soldiers with a sense of decency – we are talking about animals who love death more than we love life.

It is also known that Hezbollah does not operate on its own. It is under the control of Iran. Many believe [including me], that what Hezbollah is waiting for is the Nuke from Iran with which to hit Israel. It is then that they want to march into Israel behind their barrage of missiles upon all our cities.Or so they think. If you are anything like me, and many Israelis, the question would be “what is Israel waiting for?” If there was ever a case for a pre-emptive attack it is now.

This war will bear no resemblance to the recent wars in Gaza. Israel will not stop when the US says to stop. Israel will not stop until we see the white flag of surrender raised by the Islamists.
Many are wondering if this will kick-start the third world war. My guess is that it depends on what part Iran plays in this coming conflagration. But the chances are very high that it will be deeply involved..

You might also be wondering about this ministry raised up to save European Jewish lives. Well, one thing is certain. The Muslims thoughtout all of Europe will go crazy when this starts and their first target will be the Jews of Europe. It is our greatest desire to have the right things in the right places and we know we have precious little time to get that done. And as such you would expect to hear me say “again” – we don’t have the needed finances to get some of it done. We need a real financial blessing and it’s through the ones God has joined to this ministry that it will be the way it gets done.

Time for the US, and for the US dollar are also short, very short. We all have some very important decisions that must be made and quickly. For those who know God’s Word know what they must do. For those who don’t know God need to know it is only God who can save them.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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