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AGAIN please read this.

While in prayer today I heard that small still voice say send this vision out again.

It has made me aware of how little we know God, because of our carnal nature,  God help us all.

Vision received 12-21-03

Sitting near the Temple Mount, when suddenly I realized that once again the Lord of Heaven was speaking to me. Having this experience many times in the past I knew to allow God to have His way in all things. It was with a certain fear that comes from knowing the awesome power and magnificence of God that I entered into this place. Speaking in my spirit so clearly that my entire body seemed to be vibrating; the Word of the Lord came to me saying.

“You speak of things with a certainty believing yourself to be speaking a truth but your knowledge of these things are carnal with only a glimmer of my Will for man. For those things that seem of great importance will pass but My presence will not. You have still not learned to be in Me as I am in you, for if you had, your relationship with Me would be pleasing, but I find you absorbing yourself in things of this world in the ways of the flesh believing them to be spiritual. The temporal things you struggle for are but a vapor in eternity, yet you still have not come to a place in Me to know of the importance of our relationship. Because my Spirit is in you, all those things I sent you to accomplish will come to pass, for your relationship with Me is not based on the acts of others. There are others who struggle for reasons of self indulgence in the things of the flesh, many will die in their struggle to please Me for they never truly allowing Me to be their God, lacking the will to follow the Ruach Ha Kodesh in all things. For it is my Word and My Will that will come to pass, because your eyes have been opened to see certain things, be not distracted or lead astray seeking more knowledge, but rest in Me to show you all things in due time. Do not seek the favor of men; seek My righteousness and My guidance for the days ahead will be very difficult and only those who I have called will move with my blessings. For most will fall away for their eyes are fastened on the things of this world and not on My Word.

Yeshua will stand at my side ready to reach out His hand for His own. I will bring my people home and the time is near for the world to know of my love for them. Be not deceived into believing the coming peace is of Me for there will be a time of peace and security but then the earth will begin to shake and many will be frightened while hiding their faces from me, but I will see them where they are.

Continue on the course set before you, be diligent and faint not, knowing that my Will, will be accomplished in you for I know your heart and desire to please Me. I have joined others to the purpose of bringing My people home, My Spirit is speaking to them at this very hour.”

1-John 4:1

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Shalom, jerry golden

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.  Shalom, jerry golden

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