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An Important Trip

It would be safe to say that in the past 30 years Connie and I have been on the island of Cyprus more than 50 times. We lived on the Island the whole year of 1985 and our children went to school there. Many times I have considered moving there as it would be the perfect hub for the rescue of European Jews by boats on the way to Israel. But every time Connie and I prayed about that we both knew God would not allow us to leave Israel – that our home was in Israel and He would make all other things work without us having to move. Now we plan to revisit Cyprus for the reasons set out below.

Over the years we have established several safe houses in Cyprus and over the year’s attrition has taken its toll on them, as people who moved from England, South Africa and other places to live there would decide to move once again leaving us short of another safe house. You might ask why it’s so important? The answer is simple. When Jews begin arriving en masse to the island trying to get home to Israel there will no longer be any commercial flights possible to Israel, and that day is coming! When the Holocaust begins in Europe, as it already has in many places, the Jews will have to find a way to Israel. God has shown this to me years ago, and we now have three boats, two in good condition and one having a motor replaced. Two are 60-foot boats capable of carrying 30 to 40 with limited amounts of luggage to Israel safely in most Mediterranean Sea conditions. One is a 31-foot vessel but is powered by two powerful engines – yet has already proven its worth by towing one of the other boats in the middle of the night half way across the sea back to Israel.

There is no doubt that we need a larger boat and I have been praying for one for a long time, and it would seem that if we don’t get it soon we will have to work with what we have and save those who God leads to us.

Which brings up the subject of this pending visit to Cyprus. We are to have two meetings, one with Christian leaders from around Cyprus and the other with the Rabbi of Cyprus. Giving them both the opportunity to be used and blessed by God by opening their doors as safe houses and being able to contact me as to when we can come and pick up their guests to bring them home to Israel. The incoming Jews will know how to find the safe houses and only the Jewish and Christian leaders will know how to contact me and know where they can be picked up and brought to Israel.

This is an important trip and I think it very important to have the Jewish community of Cyprus working with us. I want to ask you to pray that the Rabbi will open his heart. We know he has many reasons to be suspicious and I understand all of them. But if he investigates us he will find out that we are for real, and that we will be there when needed.

It is also important to pray for the Christian leaders I will speak with – and for them to know and understand the importance of this meeting and the timing of it.

I would also not want to let this opportunity pass without asking you to pray about your part in this ministry. We are very short on finances, and the larger boat is waiting for us.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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