Happy New Year and God protect you and your family with Angels in Yeshua’s Name.

With all the information and misinformation we are being indoctrinated by Fake News and the Internet it’s easy to become confused and even mislead at times.  But the Word of God is true and Angels are real. I know first hand that Angels are involved in our daily lives.

Living in today’s world without Yeshua as Messiah in your life means depression, crisis and lots of worries about survival.

I don’t want my first report for 2021 to be negative but one of hope for your future and there is no hope without Yeshua in your life for every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.  That Yeshua (Jesus) is, was and always will be the Jewish Messiah.

So I’m sending this out as encouragement for the supporters of God’s work to save Jewish lives.

The Devil’s plan is falling apart, but God’s plan is coming together.  As we move into these last days it will rain on the just and the unjust alike and our peace and comfort will only be found in our relationship with God.


An unbelievable amount of people mention Angels to me in their emails and letters. So many in fact it has encouraged to send this out in hopes of encouraging you with a knowledge that God is looking out for you, possibly with an Angel.


It was 1973

Connie and I had only been married one year when I got word that my grandfather had died and would be buried in two days, they wanted me there. It was during the time of the oil embargo and Water- Gate and it seemed everything was going crazy in the America; we were living in Bethany, Texas. I remember Connie telling me that I may not be able to make to West Virginia simply because there was no gas stations open, and the few that were had very long lines, some folks were waiting two days to fill their gas tanks. Connie and I prayed about it and decided I should trust God and make the trip, to make things even more difficult it was in the dead of winter and what I didn’t know was that from Tennessee to West Virginia there was a very heavy snow storm raging.


Within an hour I was on the road, kissing Connie and our new baby Rachel (who has now given us four lovely grandchildren). I remember it took me a couple hours just to find a gas station that would fill up my tank, and that in an area I know well, I remember thinking this is really going to be a test of faith. I had my doubts if I was going to make it.

Knowing that God was with me and the Ruach Ha Koddesh was going with and before me, every time I needed gas there was always a gas station that had some for me. That is until I got to the bottom of the highest mountain in Tennessee in the middle of a snowstorm. There was a gas station at the bottom of the mountain, with a big sign that read, out of gas. My gas gauge said I had less than a 1/8th of a tank, my faith about then read the same.  It was snowing so hard you could hardly see where the road was. I got out of the car and went over and set on the steps of the station and begin to pray. It was ten minutes possibly more when I heard a word in my spirit clearly say “TRUST ME”. I knew I had heard from God or was it an Angel. One thing was certain when I stood up I knew I had no choice but to begin the journey up that very long dangerous and twisting road to the top of a very big mountain. Knowing also that I didn’t have enough gas to make it to the top and thinking that possibly the next service station could possibly is all the way down the other side.

I had just made it around the first big horseshoe turn when I saw him, he was an old man, and standing beside an old green ford pickup truck, in his hands was a red gas can, the old type with the dome top that held just 5 gallons. I pulled up behind him and walked over to where he was standing there making no effort to pour the gas into his truck.

I started to tell him why I needed some of that gas but something inside of me said not to, just ask him for some gas, like many times in my life I was hearing from God and didn’t even know it at the time. I wasn’t 100% obedient instead I said to the old man, could I buy some of that gas from you sir, I have a real emergency. With very little expression, just something that sort of resembled a grin he said to me, we don’t have any use for money but you can have the gas. I thanked him and poured the gas into my tank, it was a five-gallon can but it seemed to take forever for it to empty into my car. As I started to drive away I rolled down my window and was going to wave at him, but he wasn’t there, the truck wasn’t there. I stopped and got out and looked there was no tire tracks in the snow. It was then I knew I had met an Angel of God possibly my personal Angel who looked over me, for there was something inside of me that said I knew this old man all my life, his voice sounded so familiar. With Holy Ghost Goose bumps and feeling like I had a glancing shot at something heavenly I felt that I floated to the top of that mountain.

That five gallon tank of gas took me form Look Out Mountain in Tennessee to Morgantown, West Virginia, it was a miracle and one that started me knowing that we are watched by Angels and I had met mine.


This American election will determine what kind of Leaders it deserves.  God sent an unbelievable warrior who has fought for your freedom and liberty and the Devil has gathered his evil warriors to deceive many and fight against God’s Righteousness.


I can’t close this report without telling you that I know many are hurting, and unable to support with finances and we pray daily for you and your loved ones.


God showed us years ago that all this was going to happen and instructed me how to prepare to save European Jewish lives, much time and resources have been spent in preparation and that day is now upon us and we must be ready and we’re not.  Our finances are the worse they have ever been and daily like so many others we are struggling to survive.  With no shame I ask you to pray about your part in this ministry for that part is so very important in so many ways.  Pray God will reveal to you the importance of Israel and the gathering of Jews in the end time to His prophetic Word.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF. Pray for your part in this ministry.

Shalom, and Happy New Year.


Shalom, jerry golden

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