Are You There?


May 31-2016

French Jews are facing the worst persecution since the 1940’s. Last year we saw thousands of French Jews come home to Israel for fear of threats on their lives. Also in Germany, England and all of Europe we are seeing more anti-Semitism than any time since the 30’s and 40’s. Some say in places it’s even worse than it was just before the Holocaust.


As Islam spreads through all of Europe it is now obvious that there is no future for any Jew in Europe. Those who haven’t made Aliyah yet are coming to the realization that they have to move out of Europe as life is becoming far too dangerous for them to stay there. The question is; will they make Aliyah before it becomes impossible to catch a flight out of Europe to Israel because of the war? For when the fighting comes this time it is well known that the Tel-Aviv airport (Israel’s only international airport) will be a target of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and Iran.


For those who have been reading my reports over the past few years know that I have been saying this for years. Well, it is now on our doorstep and the door is about to open.


The only possible way out for many Jews, who will not get out in time on commercial flights, will be aboard boats like ours. We have been for the past few years getting ready for what is about to come upon us and now we find a greater need for your help than ever before.


Tomorrow the Caterpillar mechanics here in Israel will begin (finally) the installation of our new motor in the Gullet; it should be finished within a week or ten days (hopefully). Our other 60-foot motor boat is now being made ready, and for safety’s sake new belts and hoses must be fitted, and an oil change along with a general check of both motors needs to be done to be sure she is seaworthy.  She runs 2-360HP motors. Our smaller boat is very fast and could possibly make two trips a day to Cyprus (370 mile round trip) but uses a lot of fuel as she runs 2-300HP motors but travels very fast.


If you have been watching the news lately you have been seeing that thousands of immigrants have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea because of overcrowding aboard boats that were not seaworthy. For a short three day trip from the Greek Islands to Israel we could carry more than we would ordinarily allow on the boats but there has to be a shut off number for safety. That means we will be stopping many from getting on board (and that will not be an easy thing to do).


In case you haven’t got the drift of what I am saying I want to make it very clear. Time is not on our side. The world has gone crazy especially in Europe and the Middle East. For years we have been establishing communications and contacts in the places to make it possible for us to reach out and save as many as we possibly can regardless of the risk. But the time is obviously here and we need to make everything ready – and do it soon. It is also important for me to make a few more trips putting some final touches on locations and contacts. I also need some finances as the motor we are putting in the Gullet has stripped us of our finances.


We don’t want to pick survivors up to bring home to Israel in unsafe boats. They will be desperate and would get on any boat – but it is our responsibility to make sure we are not taking them to their death at sea.


With a larger boat we would be able to save many more and store even more luggage on the vessel. With the problems today in Turkey many larger Gullets are going up for sale and the owners are desperate to sell the boats. They are charter boats and they have lost most of the tourists that they depend on to pay the bills. Boats that cost over a million dollars can be bought for less than half the price today. With one of these boats we could save many more lives and making it possible to make longer trips closer into the Europe Coastline.


As soon as we get the motor back in our Gullet we will moor her in a closer position to Europe for fast pick-ups. Even for this we need a large increase in finances for travel, fuel, mooring fees and many other items.


We have also been trying to stockpile food supplies and necessities knowing that when we bring them home in a time of war they will need help right away. If you can imagine such an operation and the logistics required in an almost impossible situation it is hard to have everything ready – but we can try our best and God will take care of the rest.


And as always we are helping a few families with their monthly food requirements here in Israel and we have no way of knowing when we will have to stop that because of a lack of funds, we would love to add more needy families instead of cutting back.


Now is the time for you to step up if God has brought you to this ministry.  We need to hear from you soon and in a big way.

If God has been speaking to you about supporting this Ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.

The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail. Money Orders are O.K. but U.S. Postal Money Orders cannot be cashed outside the USA. Send all check payable to Jerry Golden.

TO: Jerry Golden PO Box 10268

Jerusalem 91102 Israel




Western Union Money Transfers

They are expensive but sure and fast


It is another way to support this Ministry with your gifts. You simply have to send it to Jerry Golden, in Israel. They will give you a number that you can email to me so I can pick it up at any Western Union Office in Israel.


Please do not send Western Union Money Orders it is very difficult to cash them here in Israel, Western Union places will not cash them and the banks don’t like them.


We do not use PayPal.  They illegally withheld this Ministry’s money for over 3 years, to know more about Paypal click on www.paypalsucks.com


Bank Transfer Information:

It is no longer possible to make bank transfers to our bank. We are trying to make other arrangements but the banking regulations are getting almost impossible Thanks to Mr. Obama.

Gen 12:3

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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