Armageddon The first and the last.  A Wake up Call. by: Joel Golden


The first and the last.  A Wake-up Call.

By: Joel Golden

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Just recently we had put together a special video about the actual place here in Israel called Armageddon. It was really eye-opening to learn all the history of that place, while I was doing all the studying that goes with producing the video. To learn that the world’s first recorded battle was fought exactly where the book of Revelations tells us the last great battle will take place at the end of the 7 year Tribulation really showed me the urgency and importance of our Ministry.  

Revelations 16:16

And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

We will need as many soldiers in that battle that we can get. Being a military man myself, made me think of our Ministry in a way that I had never thought of before. We are not only fulfilling God’s commandment of bringing Jews home, but we are also recruiting soldiers for that monumental battle.  While there I could not help myself but think of all the strategical angles on how to win knowing God will lead and give wisdom on the battlefield, that is just a side effect of serving so many years in the Israeli Defense Forces. This past week was our Memorial day here in Israel and on the Israeli News, they always tell stories of the fallen in past battles. This week was also the 20 year anniversary of the murder of a baby by the name of Shalavit Pas, she was shot by a terrorist sniper. She was lying in her old fashion flat bottom, open crib, you know the type. Her father was pushing her crib and her mother was walking beside her. The sniper waited for his perfect shot and when he pulled the trigger the bullet traveled 250 yards across an Arab graveyard into the nearby Jewish neighborhood through her father’s left leg as he was pushing the crib and made a direct kill shot center mass into Shalavit Pas.  Now you might be asking yourself how and why am I going into so much detail, well I was about 6 feet away when it happened. My unit was called into the area just 2 days before because military intelligence had information that something was about to happen. I don’t like talking about these experiences I had in the IDF like this one where I saw a baby being targeted and killed for the first time. Yes, there were other times, that was just the first of a few for me.  

The evil in this world is growing daily, more and more countries are gathering together against Israel. Living here in Israel all the people here can feel it and it has become a part of our daily conversations. So getting back to the topic at hand, a walk through Armageddon, when I started studying and filming this video it hit me. This Ministry is not only bringing Jews home as God commanded, but we are also recruiting the soldiers that will be fighting in God’s army against the evils that will gather to try to destroy everything we believe in.

I know this is heavy stuff, I hope I’m not causing any panic attacks out there, but it seemed so clear to me while I was making the video that I thought it was something I had to share.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for all the Soldiers in God’s Army.

Shalom, Joel Golden

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Pray for the peace of Israel, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom Joel

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