Asking a Favor of you.

It will only take a couple minutes

I have a personal favor to ask of you. Joel and I have been putting together a new project with YouTube TheGoldenReport”.  The format is Joel’s Introduction, then a short trip some place in Israel with Joel giving the commentary, then Joel and I talk about the news (Called TGR News) mostly here in Israel. Most reading this have been with this Ministry for many years so I feel free to ask this of you.

Joel does all the technical things only with his iPhone, he doesn’t have the necessary computer for video processing and editing in order to make it first class because of the expensive video editing computer, but he is doing a good job.  We also found out we didn’t know the proper way to get the subscribers necessary to improve our YouTube rating. We have already produced and published 20 programs to view.  The folks who have watched them all seem to be getting a real blessing from them.  But because I have been putting them on the home page of our website they have had no way to subscribe and that isn’t good if we want this project to be successful.

The favor I’m asking of you is to please go to the YouTube TheGoldenReport and at least watch the last episode and subscribe for us and ask anyone on your mailing list to do the same.  It will help too promote this Ministry and the YouTube.  Click Here to visit our Channel and hit subscribe.  Hit the notification bell and you will receive our new videos.

YouTubeTheGoldenReport  Thank you very much and God bless in Yeshua’s Name.


Shalom, jerry golden

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