Back Home in Israel

We returned home from Turkey on the 20th. It was a very good trip. All the apprehension over protests and riots was not necessary as we drove through the mountains for over three hours though many villages and towns and nothing has changed. In fact I can tell you something you might not hear elsewhere. The Turkish people are some of the nicest and most polite people you will find anywhere in the world. As usual we found many Britons and Americans living on the southern coastline of Turkey. For the most part many of the foreigners are moving there to escape the many problems being faced back home.

The recent protests and riots in Istanbul and other cities occurred because the population is mostly secular and feel that their Prime Minister is trying to engineer an Islamic take-over of the country – and they will not allow this. It is very safe to walk the streets in the city at night or travel the countryside; the people of Turkey are amongst the most accommodating in the world and the cost of living is about half what it is in America or the UK.

In many ways it’s a lot like Israel – with the exception of cost. Americans come to Israel expecting to see a desert war torn country and find a modern western country with the streets full of Israelis and folks from all over the world living a daily peaceful life. You see, we have lived with daily threats of certain war at any minute from our Arab neighbors. Most of us are mentally prepared for war but know we must continue to live a normal life. In fact you will see more smiles while you’re in Israel than you are likely to see in your hometown. We want peace with our Arab Neighbors but know the only possible peace is through military strength. This is a very tough neighborhood.

But even with all the nice things I’ve said about living here, I know in my spirit, as many reading this do, that this world is about to descend into total chaos, not just the US and Europe – but the whole world.

When the smoke clears Israel will be here and it will be the only place on earth where a Jew can live without daily fear of being murdered just because he or she is a Jew. It is also my firm belief that those who know God’s Word know God cannot lie and He will bring the Jews home.

Our Turkish Gullet (boat) is in good seaworthy condition. Yet we desperately need a larger one for many will be coming to us in hope of being rescued and brought home to Israel. We are at this time very limited spacewise as to how many we will be able to bring aboard for the Mediterranean crossing. While in Turkey this past week we once again saw dozens of Turkish Gullets around 30 to 40 meters that could carry hundreds to Israel. I pray daily that God will touch those who could make this a reality before it is too late. It is also our daily prayer for the finances for the logistics and provisions needed for the three boats we now have.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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