Back In Israel

Connie and I returned from Turkey last night. Over the past week I lost contact with my emails and website. Reason being that I had to replace my laptop and switch to Apple Mac, and when I tried to use it found out that I had no idea how to do so! A new learning curve for me – but they say it is a much better system in many ways. We will see. One result of this was no news or contact for over a week. It was like a vacation and gave Connie and I a time to concentrate on other things. It was unbearably hot along the Turkish Mediterranean Coast with high humidity.

With all the contacts established over the years in that region we were able to help a couple friends from Texas buy their boat. They found one that they really liked and it looks like they will buy it, and we are praying it will be one used to save Jewish lives.

Taking another look at the boat market in Turkey has only encouraged us that now is the time to look for the larger boat this ministry needs. I am asking you to pray with us for this need as time seems to be closing in on us. The economy in Europe is looking worse daily and of course the devil once again is pointing his evil finger at the Jews. With the same Nazi spirit that drove Hitler now driving the Islamic terrorists things are looking very bad for the Jews in Europe today.

There are new contacts opening up for us on other Greek Islands and these could be very important in the days ahead. In fact, it is amazing watching the Ruach Hakodesh move and touch people we never knew to contact us and offer their help.

It will be necessary for us to make some trips over the next 90 days making arrangements with some of these new contacts. What does seem so obvious to us is that the time is near for the Spirit of God is really moving before us and arranging meetings and communications we could never have imagined possible a few months ago.

With the Russian and US Naval fleets building up in the Med and the Persian Gulf , Syrian Rebels, Islamic terrorists and government forces killing hundreds daily – dragging Turkey and Lebanon into the war- Israel has no option but to build-up troops on its northern border. So, when we think it is about as bad as it can get before all out war breaks out it, gets even worse!

What I hear from God, and very clearly, is not to be drawn away from the calling He has given us to save Jewish lives. All the above is real, but God is in total control and He knows the beginning from the ending. And most reading this have read His wonderful Love Letter “The Bible”.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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