Bank Transfers

In a previous report I over reacted to a request from our bank asking for information of donations. There are new banking regulations for US Citizens living outside the US (We are dual citizens of the US and Israel). I thought they were asking for information on each person making a donation to this Ministry, but that is not the case at all. The banks are being required to have a report on their files that state what we are receiving donations for and what we will be doing with those donations.

In fact it is a protection for the donor showing that their money is not going to any unlawful cause, such as terrorism or money laundering.

Anyway you look at it. It’s big brother, big time. But in this case considering what is happening around the world it is a protection for you more than anything else.

Bank Transfers are still a way to support this Ministry, at least for now. We hope my mistake in earlier report does not discourage you from that avenue of support if it is choice.

Please forgive me for this inconvenience and misunderstanding I was trying to protect those who support this ministry.

Shalom, jerry golden

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