Big Trouble For The Euro And It Won’t Stop There

Europe has never been in a worse financial situation. Unlike the 30’s and 40’s this time they have a “common currency”, the “Euro” and no longer sovereign national currencies. The Euro will fail and not too far in the future either. Guess who the Europeans will blame for the hard times headed their way? You got it; the Jews! Once again the Devil will play his hate card to kill the Jews and all our problems will be solved. By this he somehow believes he can negate God’s prophetic Word, and in his twisted mind he believes it will somehow delay, or stop, the coming of the Messiah who will send him into the fiery pit for eternity. For the unbelieving all this sounds so insane. To the natural mind this is not possible to accept. For the “unbelieving believers” who are not grounded in God’s Word – they are easily persuaded to accept the lies of the Devil in these end times, and to then begin doubting God’s Word. A great falling away is on the horizon and only those who overcome by God’s grace will survive.

As for the dollar; many thought it would fall first. It has already lost much of its buying power around the world causing many to turn to the Euro only to find out – possibly too late for some – that it is the Euro that will fall first and then the dollar will follow.

All of the above is causing panic in the lives of millions around the world. Even Believers who have their security and investments in carnal things will suddenly come to the conclusion that the only sound investment was, and is, in God’s Kingdom – and His blessings are eternal.

As for this Messenger all this only brings to mind the need to establish as much infrastructure in establishing the ways and means to save as many Jewish lives as WE possibly can.

The need for the larger boat always stays on my mind. Yet there are many other needs that are very present. One is the emergency communications – which we are now in the process of setting up via satellite phones. Also VHS radio, other types of radio and establishing the right people in the right places to direct movement in order for pick-ups. Our Gullet is being fitted with a 36-mile radar as I write this, making it possible to navigate in bad weather, fog and at night. Our motor yacht already has radar being installed. This is very expensive and I’m having this done in faith for I feel the time for this need is at hand.

The nuclear problem between Israel, the US and Iran is quickly coming to a head, and we now see Syria making preparations for an attack on Israel to shift world attention. Hezbollah and Hamas, now armed and wanting to get the war started, are only waiting for Iran to give the “word” to begin firing their missiles into Israeli cities. Because of the type of nuclear weapons likely to be used this war will most likely not last long. The casualties will be in the millions and everything as we now know it will change. But God never changes, and His Word stands FOREVER. He will bring the Jews back to this land as He has promised. And there is no doubt in my spirit, mind and heart that this ministry will play a small part in it all. The size of this “part” we will play depends entirely on the obedience of those God has called to this ministry. This is why I have been told not to go on TV, Radio or arrange speaking engagements. This is the only media I will use and God will bring those whom He will for the blessing of Gen. 12:3.

God has given us this day, and we will rejoice in it, for it is another day in which to make preparations to save Jewish lives. I know what I am about to say will not go over well with those who are still thinking with the carnal mind, and still believe their security depends on there financial wealth, but I will say it anyway. We know “today” and only God knows how much longer we have to make the necessary preparations. We are still over $200,000.00 away from the purchase price of the 30+ meter boat, and even after that purchase many financial obligations would set in very quickly. The ground work is not finished and it never will be. There is still a great need to establish communication routes. We have been at it for the past few years and there is still much to be accomplished. The word has moved throughout many Jewish communities in Europe – but there is still much to be done there as well.

None of the above can be done without finances, and we need a lot of them. I am asking God to touch your heart, now. And I am asking you to respond, now.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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