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Boat Report

Aug. 29 – 2017
Over the past few weeks some have asked me about the boats and how they are used. I hope this answers those questions.

The 60-foot motor boat in Israel is in good condition, it carries 4,000 Litres of fuel. Because of the high cost of operation at 90 Litres per hour only one round trip to Cyprus can be made on a full tank. It’s a 390 mile round trip travelling at 14 knots.

The 60-foot Turkish Gullet motor/sailor under power uses 27- Litres per hour, and when possible we can use the sails for even better consumption. It carries 3,000 Litres of fuel. Joel just returned on Aug. 23rd making our final payment for the needed repairs. She is now ready and able to reach out much further than the motor boat in Israel. We still need the required finances to put her in a more secure mooring and even more important to have her out of Turkey possibly to Greece where it will be closer to pick ups. We lost the dingy during a recent trip to Turkey in bad seas that must be replaced.

Considering the urgent situation for European Jews a larger boat is what we need. Or at least get rid of the motor boat and replace it with another Turkish Gullet. For someone looking to move to Israel it would make a nice home and give you the ability to move around the Med or possibly be part of this ministry.

Provisions for the 30 or 40 passengers on the return trip is needed, with the motor boat we could make two or three trips a week to Cyprus.

With the Gullet we travel a little slower and the trip will be from the Greek Islands or further and it will take up to 3.5 to 4 days one way. So more provisions are needed. It has a water maker, solar panels, and large freezers and refrigerators.

There are dozens of extra things like emergency medical supplies and safety equipment. We recently bought new radar for the motor boat but are waiting for some finances to have it installed. Our cheapest quote for the job so far is $7k. The old radar is not reliable.

For those who have been called to this ministry know what is happening in France, Germany and throughout all of Europe. Now is the time for your prayer and support. It is my personal belief that your ability to support this or any other ministry outside your country will soon come to a close.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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