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Bacteriological Warfare!

January 2, 2004

To begin with I am not an expert on the above subject, nor am I a Microbiologist. I am a person who has spent many years studying the subject on my own, and with a few years in the 82nd Airborne in the States and seven years of IDF reserve duty I have a certain knowledge. I can think of other ways I’d like to spend my Sabbath but I feel it necessary that I try to help as many Believers as I possibly can to survive the on coming attacks on the US and other Countries. Nothing I say from this point on is medical advice; rather it is what I would do if I were you.

Many are shouting the wolf is coming, I want to tell you something that may save your life, making you a witness in the end times. And placing you in a position to help other Believers.

It is also necessary for you to understand that in order to cover this subject in detail would be quiet involved and more than most would be willing to read. If however you were interested in details I would suggest you order Larry Wayne Harris’s book, by the same name as the heading of this article, by calling 1-800-984-7883. If that number does not work let me know and I will get you another one.

Gas Mask

If you don’t have a good gas mask you are not even ready to get serious. You can buy the Israeli Gas Mask in the states real cheap. The reason they are so cheap is they are the old style, Israel took them all up and reissued new and better ones to all the Citizens of Israel. So be sure to find one that fits you properly and allow you the ability to drink water with it on. There are many good ones out there, the US makes one and the Germans make one, but I of course prefer the new Israeli mask. You will need this mask for Biological attack and Chemical as well. We will cover Chemical attack in the next report.

Most likely used.

America, Russia, and North Korea have developed so many of the germs to kill you with that they have ran out of names and started using codes with just numbers and letters. But there is still the main two or three most likely and easiest for a Terrorist to obtain and use. So we will look at those in this report.

The most common and most talked about is Anthrax (Bacillus Anthracis) it comes in three forms. The two most dangerous is Pulmonary and Intestinal.


You should know that pulmonary cases can be treated if caught in time, and assuming you have the correct treatment on hand. The recommended treatment is Terramycin-343, (oxytetracycline HCI) But it should also be noted that Terramycin-343 is very toxic and it can also kill you if not taken properly. In light cases Penicillin is also effective but the problem is keeping it without refrigeration. There are charts for the use of Terramycin-343 for example a 100 pound person should take 1.16 grams or 0.48 teaspoon, and a 200 pound person 2.3 grams or 0.98 teaspoon. If you have been exposed to the Anthrax spores, you should take it twice daily for ten days, then a half dosage for 20 days, then ¼th dosage for 30 more days. If some one has already become very ill, they have to take an aggressive dosage of four times daily for ten days,

Most good Health Food will sell you “OO” or 118A7 capsules and a capsule-filing machine. If you do this then a level Teaspoon = 6 Capsules.

If you are caught in an area with a very heavy amount of Anthrax Spores and you have not been vaccinated. Your chances

Shalom Jerry Golden

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