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Special Interests and Survival Information

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Our Garden

Create a Survival Garden

May 11, 2008 GROW YOUR OWN VEGIES AT HOME WITHOUT A GARDEN ~ written by jerry golden Many are concerned about food prices and shortages, and rightly so; you may not be able to do something about all the problems but you can help yourself and family with the following information. I found a web …

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Survival 101

January 1, 2004 I should begin by telling you this will be a 6-page article, but it is for your survival. I would suggest you read it. I have been asked by many lately if there was anything they could do to survive a Terrorist Attack when it is Biological or Chemical. The attack on …

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Survival Food and Water

January 1, 2004 After finding myself doing like many others, telling everyone that the Islamic Terrorist will begin a round of terrorism using Biological and Chemical weapons in the United States. It has occurred to me that someone needs to tell people what to do in order to prepare. My first two reports covered other …

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Survival Info that May Save Your Life!

January 2, 2004 Many are having trouble finding a Gas Mask, and when they do find one they find that someone is marking up the price a 1000% or more. So with the thought in mind that you may not be able to find one, I though it necessary to give you some information that …

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Bacteriological Warfare!

January 2, 2004 To begin with I am not an expert on the above subject, nor am I a Microbiologist. I am a person who has spent many years studying the subject on my own, and with a few years in the 82nd Airborne in the States and seven years of IDF reserve duty I …

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How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack

January 4, 2004 I believe something big is about to happen in the US, in fact, in the spirit I know it is. What Bush is not doing is declaring war on WMD instead he has zeroed in on a couple Moslems countries. The Mexican border and the Canadian borders are wide open and it …

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Learn to Survive an Attack! Colloidan Silver!

January 4, 2004 In Israel the Government has ordered every home to have a Bomb Shelter or a Safe Room. For every Israeli Citizen to have a Government issued (Free) Gas Mask, and the necessary antidotes for a Chemical attack. Small Children are given special mask, and infants are given cribs with plastic covers and …

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