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January 1, 2004

I should begin by telling you this will be a 6-page article, but it is for your survival. I would suggest you read it.

I have been asked by many lately if there was anything they could do to survive a Terrorist Attack when it is Biological or Chemical. The attack on the World Trade Centers has brought home the Islamic threat to the civilized world. It has awakened many not only in the US but worldwide.

I could spend a lot of time telling you why God’s Judgment has fallen on America and why still more terrible things will happen. But for those who have been reading my reports know this by now. But for those who don’t, I would suggest a five minutes reading of Zechariah 12 – 14. You could also read some reports on my web site by Clicking Here for Reports.

But it is my nature and calling to be a servant to you so I will do my best to educate you as to how you may survive a Biological or Chemical attack.


There are so many different biological agents now in the hands of the enemies of the free world; it would take pages to even mention them all. But the two most likely to be used are Anthrax and Smallpox. Lets take Smallpox’s first, during the years of the smallpox’s plagues that killed millions around the world, there was no really good antibiotics available like we have to day. Colloidal silver had not even been discovered, they were soaking silver in different water solutions to get the antibiotic effect from it. But today we can make our own colloidal silver for penny’s a gallon. It is a low grade antibiotic and it boost your immune system. If made correctly and taken in a large enough dosage daily. Connie and I have been making and drinking it for years at around 5 or more oz. Per day and neither of us have had as much as a sniffle. I have compiled an article on its benefits and added the address of a company that you can purchase the machine to make your own. I should also tell you that I don’t know these people and I am not in business with them, I am only trying to help you.


What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is the result of an electromagnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into a liquid, such as water. These microscopic particles can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, the bad guys suffocate. Unlike with antibiotics, resistant strains have never been known to develop. In fact, antibiotics are only effective against perhaps a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. Because no known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of chemical element metallic silver. Colloidal Silver is effective against more than 650 different disease-causing pathogens.

Since there is not enough room to list all the diseases against which Colloidal Silver has been used successfully, here is a tiny sample: acne, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, blood pressure, bubonic plague, burns, (Colloidal Silver is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive) cancer, cholera, conjunctivitis, diabetes, gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, lymphangitis, lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, parasitic infection both viral and fungal, pneumonia, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic condition of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat, shingles, skin cancer, staph infection. Strep infection, syphilis, toxemia, trench foot, all forms of viruses, including warts and stomach ulcers. In addition it also has veterinary uses, such as canine parvo virus. You’ll also find Colloidal Silver very handy in the garden since it can be used against bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray Colloidal Silver on leaves and add to soil.

It would appear highly unlikely that even germ warfare agents could survive an encounter with Colloidal Silver, since viruses like Ebola and Hanta, or even the dreaded “Flesh Eating Bacteria” are in the end, merely hapless viruses and bacteria. To top it off Colloidal Silver is nontoxic, making it safe for both children and adults, as well as pets. In short, anything larger than a one-cell animal seems to like it.

Today’s Hospitals are the Devils playground.

Death due to toxic drugs, unnecessary treatment, rampant ignorance and a sea of antibiotic-resistant bacteria make most hospitals the Devils PlayGround. In fact, when a Hospital in a city goes on strike, the mortality rate in that City generally drops.

A Closer Look at Colloidal Silver; it is a powerful, natural prophylactic/antibiotic, used for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks lined their eating and drinking vessels with silver, as did many other cultures throughout the world. Pioneers of the American West would put a silver dollar in a jug of milk to keep it fresh without refrigeration. Did you ever wonder why silverware was made from silver? One of the properties of silver is that it kills bacteria on contact in six minutes or less. It may be that gold and silver were first used for their medical properties.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, author or The Body Electric, recognized a correlation between low silver levels and sickness. He said silver deficiency was responsible for the improper functioning of the immune system. Dr. Becker experiments conclude that silver works on the full spectrum of pathogens without any side effects or damage to the body. He also states that silver does more than kill disease-causing organisms. It also causes major growth stimulation of injured tissues. Burn patients and even elderly patients notice more rapid healing. And he discovered that all cancer cells could change back to normal cells. All strains of pathogens resistant to other antibiotics are killed by silver


A colloid consists of minute particles that float within a liquid despite the pull of gravity. To stay in suspension for any length of time, the particles must be smaller than one micron (1/1,000,000 of a meter). Particles over .05 microns tend to settle out and not stay in suspension. When fresh produce is processed through a juicer, a colloid results in the form of a glass of juice. Drinking fresh juice makes it possible to consume far more nutrients than by eating. Because juice is considered a pre-digested food. The body can process large amounts with minimal effort and correspondingly better results. When a juice colloid sits, the larger particles begin to fall out of suspension and settle at the bottom of the container. To evenly distribute the contents it is common to shake up a bottle of juice before drinking.

When applying current to silver in solution, metallic silver will always break off at the same size. 1.26 angstroms (.00001 microns) this particle is so small that the next stop on the road to smallness is the atom itself.


There has never been a drug interaction with any other medication. Colloidal Silver has been found to be both a remedy and prevention for all colds, all flu, all infections and all fermentation due to any bacteria, fungus or virus, especially staph and strep, which are found present in every disease condition. Through simple high school biology studies we learn that all living things exist in the colloidal form, as opposed to crystalline. Colloidal Silver is the most usable form of the most effective disease fighter there is. The body actually needs Colloidal Silver to fight disease-causing organisms, and to aid healing. The adult RDA for silver is 400 milligrams. Taken orally each day, it’s like having a second immune system. Older folks feel younger because their body energies are used for other than fighting disease. Digestion is better. Medical research has proven that Silver promotes rapid healing, with less scar tissue, even in the case of severe burns. Silver aids the developing fetus in growth, health, and eases the delivery and recovery. Fantastic successes have been reported in many cases previously given up by establishment doctors. Colloidal is tasteless and won’t sting even in baby’s eyes, and won’t upset the stomach. It contains no free radicals, as the silver acts only as a catalyst, and is stabilized. This is not a chemical compound containing Silver, but pure metallic silver of sub-microscopic clusters of just a few atoms, held in suspension in pure water, by the tiny electric charge on each atom. It is absolutely nontoxic, and nonaddicting. Colloidal Silver is the remedy for all infections, even the non-apparent, low-grade general body infections most people have.


Were you to end up in the midst of calamity, you would need only water to have one of the most powerful medical resources in the world at your disposal. If you could make your own Colloidal Silver.

If you should decide to purchase one of these machine and after you do, I will be happy to give you complete instruction on how to make the very best quality colloidal silver possible in your own home.

Colloidal silver under some circumstances may not be enough to fight off an attack of certain biological elements and it may be necessary to have stronger antibiotics such as Terramycin-343. But you should be warned that dosage is very important and it can be very toxic and could kill you itself. This antibiotic can be purchased in most large Animal Feed Stores in America, in other places I am not sure where you can find it. Its complete name is (oxytetracycline HCI) For dosages you have to go by weight and age. I really don’t like selling this man’s book but it is very good. Larry Wayne Harris has written a book titled “Bacteriological Warfare a major threat to North America” Between those two cures and a good gas mask you should survive a smallpox attack.


This is a real problem, if it is air born and you do not have a vaccine you will most likely not make it, if you did not have your mask on in time. And kept in on long enough. Anthrax has a 5000 years shelf life. In Louisiana and Texas where they have had lots of anthrax, there are places where cows were buried hundreds of years ago, and every now and then when there is a drought the wind will pick up the dust over the grave sites and infect other live stock. But that has also made it possible to obtain an Anthrax vaccine. Nearly every large feed stone in the south carries the inactive Anthrax Spores (vaccine). Connie, Joel and I and all my family have taken it The military has two different kind, but this one is the most effective and the one I’d recommend. I should also tell you that it must be done twice the second time after ten days. And both times it will make you very sick and it hurts a lot. If you should ever come to the point where you need help or instructions contact me, but don’t trouble me unless you are serious about it. Also keep in mind I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice.

If you contact Anthrax by water or consume it in some way orally and you have been drinking Colloidal silver you should be in good shape, and if it is caught in the first few days the Terramycin-343 should take care of it. (but be sure to know the correct dosage or it may kill you)

If all this sounds a little scary to you, good, because it is scary. The near future will have Terrorist attacks that will kill ten of thousands, but it does not have to kill you and your loved ones.

Be sure you have good drinking water and the means to make contaminated water drinkable. Colloidal silver can purify water as well, but I recommend a good ceramic filter and some Aerobic 07, that can be purchased in most survival magazines. Go to your book store and find one, you owe it to your family. If nothing else put a bottle Clorox, the chlorine will hurt you but it will kill the bacteria.

Put up some can food and dry food, beans, flour, sugar, tuna, and anything you like, be sure to have enough for yourself and some friends, they won’t have enough and you will have to help them.

Before anyone writes me any nasty letters for recommending these things, “don’t”. I feel everyone has the right to survive, and the only way any of us will be a witness for the Messiah in such an attack is to first of all survive. And not be out digging in the garbage like everyone else. I think you should be discreet in your preparations, it shouldn’t be a big production, but do it quietly and feel good that you have made some preparations for your family. Also think of others who will need your help while doing it, God only knows how many you may lead to Yeshua by doing this.

If you should decide to follow these instructions, and you want to talk with me about it, I want to be there for any Believer who feels he or she should survive and should make preparations to do so. If you don’t think it is not necessary because you will be raptured before any of this happens, good I will talk with you in heaven.

I hope this helps someone survive and if I can be of any further help.

As for a Chemical attack, you simply must be ready to keep it out of your lungs and off your skin. You need a sealed room set up for survival, a decontamination shower. As far as the terrorist are concerned the most likely is Biological rather then chemical. Chemical takes a lot of preparation and you may not be willing to go through what it would take anyway.

Just a short word about Nuclear, you can also survive the fallout but again it takes special equipment, and that would take a few more pages. Lets see who wants to survive first before I go any further.

Please keep in mind, the ministry God has given me is right here in Israel. But I feel a need to help anyone I can to survive what is about to happen and I have had lots of special training in this field. Also before anyone who is an expert of some sort feels it necessary to give me all their advice, I know this is a very incomplete article, but it is only intended to wake a few up and get them ready to survive or move to the next step.

Shalom, jerry golden


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