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Survival Food and Water

January 1, 2004

After finding myself doing like many others, telling everyone that the Islamic Terrorist will begin a round of terrorism using Biological and Chemical weapons in the United States. It has occurred to me that someone needs to tell people what to do in order to prepare. My first two reports covered other things, and this one hits on the way to survive in regard to Water and Food.

The Ministry here in Israel goes on and we are faced daily with many difficulties not the least of which is the lack of finances. So as we try to reach out to help you and your family, I ask you to reach out to this Ministry in the way of a love gift to the above address, your personal check or money would be greatly appreciated.

The following is in no way intended to be a complete study on the subject, but it can save your life if you following some of these simple instructions.

Water & Food

There are many ways to take contaminated water and purify it. I may not even touch on some of them, but let’s look at a few. The reason I am taking water first, is simple, water is what sustains life on earth.

The simplest way is with Chlorine (Clorox) if you are an old country boy like me, you know when a well goes bad you simply pour a bottle of Clorox down the casing in the well and wait a day or two and all is well again. But we also know that Chlorine is poison and can do some serious damage to you and your family. But it is something you can purchase and just set up somewhere for an emergency. You simply add an oz to around 5 gallons and wait a few minutes after shaking it, before drinking it. “I don’t recommend this process” so why am I telling you about it first. Because I know most reading this will not go out and purchase some of the other things I am going to recommend and you really do need something on hand “now”. And this could save your life.

Water distillation may be the best of all the processes, and there are many ways to build your own still. You can build one out of a large pressure cooker and attach copper tubing to the steam outlet. Coil the tubing and allow it to set in a large pan of water or better if you have running water over the coil. Some of you old moon shiners may know more about that than others.

You can check with and buy one like Connie and I have, you will need the distilled water to make your silver with anyway. There is a catalog you can purchase for $5 called Ready Made Resources, 239 Cable Rd., Tellico Plains, TN. 37385, or call them at 1-800-627-3809 and ask for a magazine. I think it is the best survival magazine in the world. It has everything on nearly every subject. By the way I have no deals worked out with anyone and don’t get any commissions.

Colloidal Silver is also a way to purify water. You pour an oz of the silver into half a gallon, wait for at least ten minutes. It takes Colloidal Silver 6 minutes to kill most single cell bacteria, (the bad guys).


There are two hand pumps I would recommend, PUR is one, and they make a variety of units. They will purify any water even salt water. They have a microfiltration and iodinated resin to eliminate all types of mircoorganisms they have other units you may be interested in. These can also be found in the ready Made Resources catalog. They run anywhere from $40 to $400.

Katadyn is what I believe to be a better pump it does all the same thing the SUR does but I think it is made a little better. Find them in most survival magazines.

There is a drip filter that Connie and I use daily here in Israel “Big Berkey” It has the highest rating of any gravity fed filter system in the world. It will do up to 60,000 gallons without changing filters. It is the preferred water filter for Missionaries all over the world. It has four silver impregnated ceramic cartridges with activated carbon. For complete information on the Big Berkey:

As mentioned in the first Survival article there is the “Aerobic 07’ 5 year preserver”. It is a stabilized Oxygen, or if you will a form of Ozone, and no bacteria can live in the presence of Ozone. Connie and I carry a bottle with us when we travel it is a great way to purify water before drinking in restaurants or anywhere away from home. It can be found by contacting Nitro-Pak Specials, 1-800-866-4876, they also sell other survival items you may be interested in, once again, I have no connection there just helping you out.

There are Ozone machines that ozinate liquids that will purify water, the city of Los Angles now does their water with such a process, the best in the world today. There is one on the market called WaterOz Ozone Generator, it can be used to also purify the air in a room. It cleans air and water. I used to have a deal worked out with these people but by now they have forgotten me. Call them if you’re interested 1-800-574-1897.

Some 55 gallon drums would be nice to store the water in.


Everyone is talking about MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) they cost a lot of money and if you want to go that way you will find them in both of the resources I have mentioned above. But if you want my advice, just buy a few months worth of Beans, Flour, dry milk, Rice, Sugar, Seasoning, Tuna, and any other item to help you make a little bread and have a treat now and then. You can’t buy and store enough food to last forever, and all you need is to make it a week or so and by then you should have things worked out. You may consider however if you have a garden to begin buying some organic natural seeds so you can begin the process of gathering your own seeds. As you know the Hybrid seeds we buy today are not good for gathering seeds for the next year.

OK, I know this is not a scientific piece of work, but it may help a few stay alive, and that is all I am trying to do right now. But remember if you are able to stay alive a year or so longer, and still don’t have it right with God, you lose.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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