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January 2, 2004

Many are having trouble finding a Gas Mask, and when they do find one they find that someone is marking up the price a 1000% or more. So with the thought in mind that you may not be able to find one, I though it necessary to give you some information that may save your life without one.

But this is information you need even if you have a mask. You see, putting a mask on is one thing, but knowing when you can take it off is another. Plus, if you are in a heavy contaminated area your filter will only be good for 6 to 8 hours if you have a regular NATO filter like most mask use. In order for you to understand the following instructions you need to understand the principle of the use of O-ZONE and IONIZATION. Let’s take O-Zone first


The first thing you need to know is no bacteria can live in the presence of O-Zone. That is good news if what we are talking about is Biological Warfare isn’t it?

But, if you had a good O-Zone unit in a Safe Room that has been sealed properly you can clean the air of all bacteria, which means you can now take off your mask in relative safety in that room.

This would give you a good fighting chance at least. These units run on electricity and if you take into consideration that you may not have electric power that means you’d need at least a small generator. One you could start from inside the room it being outside of course.

Studies show that high levels of concentrated ozone is an excellent air purification method to destroy microbes in the air by using the ozone to attach itself to the pollutant in the air and changing it to a breathable harmless compound. Ozone is the strongest commercially available oxidizing agent. Because gaseous ozone is highly reactive, it readily oxidizes organic matter and has a variety of uses such as bactericide. Ozone is a form of oxygen that has been electrically energized. The energy makes ozone more chemically active that oxygen, and then breaks down the polluted molecules into water vapor and carbon dioxide. Ozone will attack and destroy, by oxidation, the offending molecules.


There are basically two kinds of ions that you can have in a safe room or home, Needle Point ionization and/or RF (radio frequency) ionization. They both are good, and the difference is the RF type sends the ions through walls and nearly everything but metal, in 60 feet radius. The needle Point ions will not travel through walls, but handles the larger particles in the air to instantly attract together and due to the weight of the particles now collected, drop out of your breathing zone to the floor.

The negative ion generation is often referred to as the thunderstorm effect. It is well known that prior to a thunderstorm, animals and even many humans feel nervous, jittery and irritable, however, after the storm there seems to be a feeling of calm. Both animals and humans experience these phenomena. All of this is due to the amount of negative ions in the air around us. Prior to a thunderstorm there is a very high concentration of positive ions. Negative ions destroy many of these air pollutants, and therefore, give us a sense of well being. You then are restoring the natural balance of ions and eliminating many of the pollutants and allowing the air to revitalize itself.

In your home or safe room, you will not have enough negative Ions. The way to prove this is to get a bright halogen light and shine it in the air and you will see dust just floating there. Even with your AC working and you think it is circulating the air and filtering the dust. But this dust just won’t seem to move. What is even worse it is for the most part not dust, it is dry dead human skin, and guess what is riding on it? Mites, and germs of all kinds just waiting for you to walk by and breath them into your lungs. So if you have a unit that produces negative Ions you can solve this problem very quickly.

You see the negative Ions are attracted to these floating Positive Ions and when they get together they are to heavy to stay in the air. So if you have a system that utilizes both ions and ozone in one unit, you got it beat.

The ionization process will take the pollutants out of the air and the ozone will oxidize it. So you can be safe, or a whole lot safer, with one of these units in a safe room, for that matter you should have one running in your home at all times.

There is a unit made by LIVING AIR. The best unit for you would be the XL-15 CLASSIC. This unit takes care of an area of 3000 Sq Ft. there is also a unit called the FLARE, and will take care of an area of 2200 Sq Ft and cost much less. You most likely have an area of around 500 Sq Ft in your safe room, and the flare would take care of that area. They have both ionization types (RF & needle point ions) along with an ozone generator, the are the only units on the market with both.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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