Changing Very Fast

At first I thought it was just another few days of the average “Palestinian” terror attacks, but over the past two months there has been a daily increase of these attacks. More attacks by Arabs stabbing Jews, fire-bombs, attacks on our cars on the highways and daily shootings. At least one missile is coming out of Gaza daily and sometimes a lot more, with the usual Israeli Air Force retaliation with air strikes on terror infrastructures, and,bombing of empty buildings. After every terrorist attack out of Gaza all the perpetrators simply get away from their building and Israel bombs them. It just doesn’t make sense to us here in Israel, they kill us – and then we bomb their buildings.

There was a minimum of 10 terrorist attacks daily in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. In June and July there were 580 terrorist attacks in Israel. We read in the news how the cease-fire has been holding, but what you don’t read in the news is that there were 170 rocket attacks from Gaza in the month of July.

Traveling in and out of Jerusalem from our home in the Judean Hills we have to go through more military road blocks, and the IDF are on high alert.

All the above does not happen without orders from Abbas and other Arab leaders, and when we look at what is happening on our northern border with Lebanon and Syria we see the IDF building up its presence at an alarming rate. We are hearing Iran saying every day now that they want to destroy Israel, and we here in Israel believe they mean it. What’s more likely is that what you hear on the news is not what most of us rightly think; that Iran already has nuclear weapons and that it will soon be time for them to signal Hezbollah to unleash their hundreds of thousands of rockets as and when they decide to attack Israel.

We are reading in our newspapers that Netanyahu had planned an attack on the Iranian nuclear sites a couple years ago but was held back. But today we are all asking what is holding him back now? Why is he waiting for us to be under attack both from Hezbollah, Syria, ISIS and at the same time from within by the so-called “Palestinians”? We all know the consequences of a pre-emptive attack on Iran but we also know the consequences of waiting until they attack us first.
Russia is now helping Egypt build their nuclear reactor, so the nuke race in the Middle East is on – thanks to Obama and his Iran Deal.

With the prognosis for America getting darker by the day, and the economy of the whole world in a downward spiral – China and others are talking about replacing the US dollar with another reserve currency. From the writings of reliable economists I glean that the dollar is doomed and will suddenly collapse – if the known ISIS organizations in the US don’t bring down the grid first.

Everyone is waiting while holding their breath to see what will happen on Sept 15 and the days that follow. This form of terrorism began with Y2K and now it seems we have a new scare every couple of months, Planet X and so on, et al.

I will tell you what I know. God has ordained us (you and me) to save many Jews from the coming European Holocaust and that is what I want to spend my energy doing. I pray that you and I will take heed of that calling and bless Israel and in so doing bless God. Gen 12:3; And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

What we are witnessing is prophetic, and there is little to nothing you and I can do about it, but pray and receive the Messiah Yeshua into our hearts, minds and souls. God has pulled his blessing from America and what you are witnessing is the beginning of the “time of sorrows”. The Holy Spirit is giving His own warning and it’s up to them to have the discernment to listen and heed that warning.

As one who has been called to a ministry close to God’s heart all I can do is report to those He has brought to this ministry that our time is short. Your once valuable dollar will fail you, but God will never fail you. The success of this ministry depends on the obedience of those God has called to it. We need your help in a big way and we need it quickly.

I was thinking of how important Israel is to God’s prophetic Word. Why He would bring the Jews back to the Land He promised them. It’s something to think about. The Jewish people are the only people in history to be returned, after some 1900 years of exile, to their land where they now speak the same language, and practice the same customs, as their ancestors did 3,000 years ago. And I might add against all odds. God will not be mocked and He cannot lie. His Word is truth.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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