Coming to a Church or Synagogue Near You!

April – 19-2019

France now belongs to the Islamist and it all started with 10’s of thousands of illegal migrants invading the country.  Muslims in France and around the world are rejoicing over the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Notre Dame Cathedral was not the only Church burned and destroyed in France over the past couple of months.  There were similar destructions in Saint–Alain Cathedral in Lavaur, Saint Nicolas Church in Houilles, Notre Dame des Enfants Church in Nimes, and they burned St. Sulpice in Paris.  Churches all over France have been burned or just taken over by Muslims and turned into Mosques, but not just in France but all of Europe.  There is now no future for Jews or Christians anywhere in Europe.


And it all started with caravans crashing the borders and taking over communities and cities, if this sounds like something happening in the USA you got it right, it is the same pattern of operation it worked in Europe. Why not in the USA?  But it really didn’t begin with the invasion of illegal Muslim immigrants it started years ago in your public schools when they took Jesus out and introduced Islam in its place.  When they started telling your sons and daughters in grade schools that homosexuality was just an alternative lifestyle and it’s okay for them to experiment and try it.  This kind of social brainwashing goes all the way into colleges and universities. So we see the caravans of millions taking it to the next step in the Islamic conquest.


The biggest question I have for the United States can only be answered spiritually. How the entire Democratic Party has become so anti-American and seems to have had brain transplants. They openly support all forms of perversions and anti-Christian – anti Israel agendas.  They openly support every anti-God movement you can think of including the murder of the unborn even up to the time of birth.


I grew up in the United States in the 40’s and 50’s and as far as I can remember everyone I knew was a Democrat and were good honest hard working people who loved their country. That has all changed for the entire country is now on the verge of a race war for no other reason than evil has hijacked the Democratic Party.


The majority of people of any color know that great strides have been made in race relations in the US and racial prejudices don’t even exist any longer for most Americans. But it seems the Democrats continue to feed hateful speech to divide the races in the country.  I’ve asked myself many times what is wrong with these people they can’t possibility be that stupid it simply has to be spiritual but the question remains, why do so many stay in the Democrat Party?


For a deeper and more Christian and human approach to this immigration problem hits close to home. Those folks who are marching hundreds even thousands of miles are not all Islamist on a Jihad or criminals. Some are families who are truly hurting and hungry and know that their kids have no future in their native country.  They continually hear how well American is doing and how they don’t have enough workers in the factories and farms, and they are told how the immigration laws will allow them to crash the border if they can get there.  Looking at my grandkids here in Israel it occurs to me that I’d be doing the same thing if they were hungry and had no future.


But the answer is not that simple. We are talking about cultures and religions that are not compatible with each other. In fact they are violently opposed to each other. They simply cannot live together and one will be destroyed by the other. Sometimes human nature is not a pretty thing to witness.


America has been a Christian and democratic beacon to the world and if it is allowed to be destroyed by these invaders the whole world will be the real losers as there will be no other country to take America’s place.  It’s hard to imagine this world without the Good Old USA, unless you’re an Iranian, Russian, Chinese, North Korean, most of those in Arab countries or 80% of Europe.  It is today obvious that the only real friend the US has is little Israel.


The world is right on time, God is never late.


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Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden


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