Cyprus is the Key

Feb 5 – 2018
What I want to do in this report is lay it out straight and easy to understand. Over the past couple of years many on the mission field and those who believe themselves to be prophets have sounded a lot like Chicken Little. Yet the sky still hasn’t fallen. The same with the boy shouting “wolf” with no one believing him until it finally appeared. Somehow, I feel I fit into one, if not both, of the categories above. Not proud to say that. So many times it looked like war would break out within hours, much less days. Not that we don’t see a lot of rockets fired at us and terrorism on almost a daily basis.

Even with the facts now pointing to a soon-coming war with Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran (all three the same) if you were to walk around Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv and talk to the average Israeli you would discover that they don’t seem to be worried. “War is just something that happens around here”, they will tell you. But for this ministry it causes us to not only pray a lot but to try and listen to the response of the prayers. Believing God to give us directions as to how and when to save Jewish lives. It has become obvious to me and hundreds of others that God has called us to this ministry and is still showing us by the leading of the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) the way to go.

I want to share something with you at this time that some may not understand. I have been shown by revelation that I (we) sometimes hear from God and become so thrilled that we heard from Him that we become headstrong in fulfilling the vision that we stop listening and begin telling God what we need and how we can get the job done. When all the time He is trying to walk us through a minefield of dangers that the Devil sets up to trip us up. You see, the Devil knows your weaknesses and your strengths. He knows if he can get you to listen to him with carnal human logic you will stop listening to God. After over 40 years of walking with God I’ve learned to stop and meditate on His Word allowing Him to speak into my spirit. But being human, I sometimes don’t do it often enough. But the past few days has been a really serious time with God in prayer. Seeking guidance knowing that all hell is about to break loose and we are not ready with the boats.

We now have a boat in jeopardy in Turkey and she must be moved soon. Our second boat in Israel needs to be moved closer to pickup points. Both take considerable finances that we don’t have.

It seemed that everything I picked up to read over the past week or so talked about how the 15,000 Jews now living in Turkey are living in fear. They are also afraid to speak out about that fear, as synagogues and Jewish homes and businesses have been bombed over the past year in Turkey.

It suddenly occurred to me; “15,000” Jews in Turkey! The two 60-foot boats we now have could never reach the European Continent and help in the rescue of a few million Jews. And for the 15,000 Jews in Turkey most of them are descendants of the Spanish and Portuguese inquisition 600 years ago and still feel a connection and a desire to return.

But this is where we come in. A few thousand of them will be trying to come home to Israel. The boats we have can make at least two trips a week between Cyprus and Israel bringing around 200 Jews Home each week. And with a war going on, or having just ended, there will be no commercial flights in or out of Israel. There will be an Islamic panic to kill all the Jews in Europe. In fact the ground work is already being laid down for the coming Holocaust. These European Jews can find ways to get to the island of Cyprus where this ministry, with the boats we now have, can save many. It will be the only hope they will have.

For the past few years we have worked at putting together contacts and communications for such an operation. We have the necessary contacts in the Jewish community and now as the time is closing in we are in great need of finances for fuel and provisions. The details of bringing Jews to Israel under these circumstances is very involved.

In conclusion; God is showing us the reality of what we can accomplish and what we can’t. But with the boats we now have we need to concentrate on saving those Jews in Europe and Turkey who can make it to the island of Cyprus. There are a few thousand Jews in Cyprus who will be using this way to get to Israel. Because of our many contacts we have a lot of advice to give the European and Turkish Jews on how to get to Cyprus. There are ministries being set up in Cyprus to house and feed the Jews that come looking for boats to get to Israel. At this time we know of no other ministry as prepared as we are to save so many. I pray for others to step up for time is running out to be prepared.

So very much depends on your support. If God has called you to bless Israel in this way now is the time for your obedience to that calling.

If God has been speaking to you about supporting this ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.
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Shalom, Jerry Golden

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