Distractions and Deceptions!

May 3, 2013

We are so prone to deceptions; “mental manipulations” might be a better term for it. By using corrupt Governments and CFR controlled media together they are able to feed the public mind destroying poison through lies, misinformation, and deceptions -better known to some as “propaganda” in order to control the masses. Obama is a master at saying what the public wants to hear – yet always doing the opposite in order to bring about his main agenda; to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever known, the USA. And his method is always the same. Divide and conquer. Be it the races, political parties or religion. However one thing does always stand out. It is his desire to support the Muslims and the Islamics such as the Muslim Brotherhood. While saying he has Israel’s back he gives enough weapons and money to Egypt to make war against Israel. He appoints Muslims to lead in Homeland Security and supports the so-called Arab Spring knowing full well that the Islamists will be put into power.

He has, and will continue, to do all he can to destroy the power and might of the US military, be it morally or physically. He has forced the homosexual agenda into the public schools poisoning the minds of the youth, and through the help of the CFR media been able to morally corrupt the majority of the people. You may think you still own and control your kids, but you don’t. The government does. They will tell you how you can and cannot discipline them – if at all. The majority of people now vote for the help they can get from the socialist government, not for what is best for the USA.
The minority who have woken up may have done so too late to save the country, but as “they” say; “better late then never”.

Not only the US is going down the drain. The economy of the whole world is teetering on the verge of total collapse simply because the fall of the dollar will bring about an implosion of the world economy. The dollar has been tied to the oil industries since 1971. The Saudis agreed that OPEC would only trade oil using the US dollar. But Iran and others have changed that over the past couple years. They are now selling oil for nearly any currency other than the dollar. This means that without a gold backing and now the using of the “petrodollar” gone the Greenback is in free fall causing the whole world economy to tremble.

There are, of course, many details to the above. But the bottom line is the evil of the world and those who believe there are far too many humans on planet earth, and that at least two thirds of them must be eliminated. For those who know God’s Word that may sound like something you have read there? While Islam is marching across the planet at high speed, the “Christian” churches are caught up in their “bless me clubs” and building multi million dollar real estate investments much like the Roman Catholic “Church”. Before someone decides to jump on me for saying that, I know there are those who love the Lord and Yeshua is the center of their lives, [if I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be sending these reports out], but it still feels like we are preaching to the choir. But to know something is one thing, to do something about it is another. Faith without works is dead.

As we look around the world we see that by far the majority are poor and many are very hungry. Many are dying of hunger and disease. You can be sure they have only one thing in mind; survival – for self preservation is one of our strongest motives. And once a population gets to that point it is hard to get their attention concerning anything other than daily needs to survive.

For those of us today who have the luxury of enough food and seem to be overly concerned about carnal things we are being fed a daily diet of false flags and horror from the media and by the government. It is their plan to occupy your mind and energy with sensational events, in order to keep you from looking at what they are doing to destroy your country and life. And you know it. For those who don’t believe that also believe that the Devil is not real. Yet he is real and fighting for time to interfere with the return of Messiah Yeshua. He also knows that if he can keep you from looking in any other direction except Israel he thinks he has a chance of winning. That is not to say that you should not be concerned about your welfare and that of your family and loved ones, but for those who have come into the full knowledge of salvation through the Blood of Yeshua (Jesus) and have studied God’s Holy Word know the importance of Israel in the last days. You also know that God cannot lie, and when He says I will bless them that Bless Israel, He means it.

As the time draws near to send boats after Jews who will have no other way to escape the coming Holocaust in Europe and around the world, we have an unknown amount of time to prepare and do not have enough funds to go into a full operation mode. If God has called you to be part of this ministry now is the time to pray asking God what your part will be. All I can do is bring this before you for prayer and support.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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