Do You Believe in Angels?

How you feel when you know your Angle is near!

If the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) lives in your soul, you have a personal Angel.  I pray this report brings you in contact with him.

It’s a long read hope you read it all, and I pray it blesses you beyond measure.  The following are a few of my angelic experiences.

It was in 1973 at the foot of a Tennessee Mountain of the United States in a snow blizzard and out of gas that I met my angel, It was a voice I’ve heard on other occasions and had attributed it to being God’s.  But this time I found myself standing before an old man with sparkling eyes and a very kind and lovable voice In fact just the sound of his voice was enough to calm all the fears into a sort of joy and love that flowed over me.  Since that time in 1973 I have wished many times that I would have had the presence of mind to have had a conversation with him but I didn’t in fact as strange as it may sound I believe what little I said to him was all that was allowed for me to say. The whole encounter seems like I was in some kind of suspended animation. The one thing that I somehow knew was he was very familiar I knew him and his voice had given me comfort many times because today some 48 years later I realize that many times since then I have felt his presence and recognized his voice in other visions and dreams.  Not wanting to make this a small book I won’t give all the details of each encounter but references for you to go to in our website if you’re interested in research.

In  January 10th -2014 it was that same voice.

It was 5 AM, my usual time to take my dog outside. But when I tried to get out of bed I couldn’t move, nothing worked my legs and arms. My first thought was that I had died and was drifting away on a beautiful cloud. A kind of white I had never seen before as if it was somehow a color I could feel, touch and breathe.

I told myself; you are not asleep this is really happening, you have died, yet I knew that I was not dead. This may sound so insane, but I am trying to tell it like it was.

Even now I am asking myself; why share this? No one will understand. Yet I feel I must tell you about this for there is someone who needs to hear this and others that will know what it really means.

It seemed that in an instant, the blink of an eye, I could see the sins of many as they lived for self and greed, killing babies and spreading homosexuality across the land. At first I thought it was America I was seeing, but then I knew it was Israel I was being shown. It was Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem where God was given no thought and sin and lust ruled the streets. It was then I heard the voice I know so well. Not audible but somewhere inside my soul in a very spiritual way say to me, this is my Land and they are My people yet they mock Me. Before I bring judgment to other lands that are coming against Jerusalem I will bring judgment in this land. For the time has come for righteous judgment on all of mankind.

It was then I began to see places along the Mediterranean Sea Coast, some were places I have been – others were new but somehow the locations were made very clear with directions and detailed descriptions of certain buildings. Inside there were groups of very frightened people and it became obvious they were Jews – many with frightened and crying children. “They will come to know Me and the sacrifice made for their salvation, they will praise Me and I will bring them home for I Am their God”.

I wanted to speak and say “God the little we have done seems so small in the face of the many that will need our help in the days before us”. But I was unable to say anything. Then I heard in my spirit God say “I know your thoughts and your heart, it is time for many to hear my voice and save my precious Jewish people”. It was then I knew there was nothing for me to worry about. It was God who is, and has always been, in control.

Slowly the feeling came back into my arms and legs. My little Boston Terrier was sitting beside me on the bed with a look on her face that said ‘I’ve been waiting’. It was then I knew I had not died and it was all a dream. Or was it a vision? I’m not sure, but I have to send this out to those who can discern the Spirit of God and be moved to love Him more.

Angel Protection

It was in 1982 in Israel some of my Pastor friends across the US asked me to put together a tour through the Negev Desert with Camels, donkeys, sheep and goats and some Bedouins. I made arrangements with some Arabs in Jericho to meet with some Bedouins in the old refugee camp just outside of Jericho. Armed with instructions of how to find them I parked my car and begin walking through the maze of ruins. Suddenly I heard a voice, it was the same voice I heard speak to me in 1973 it was the old man, (My Angel) he said stop don’t go any further but turn to the right and then to the left. I did and when I arrived at the next intersection I looked and there were two Arabs ready to attack me with a steel pipe. I shouted at them running directly at them pointing my finger at them, they ran for dear life until I couldn’t see them any longer.

I could tell you of other times I know that I have heard from my Angel, but then I could tell you things that would make some think I was insane, but the truth is I know there are Angels and you need to know you are always watched. God loves you and if you are walking in obedience to His Calling on your life you will in some way, or one way or the other come in contact with your Angel too.

So you see I am not concerned about my safety or that of my family, for we have chosen to serve God and accept His calling regardless of how difficult it may seem at times. When God sends us into the lions den, be it an Arab country or elsewhere, we will always go knowing that there is an angle looking out for us. And over Him there is the Ruach Ha Koddesh making sure the Will of the Father is always done, regardless of our stumbling.

The following is a long story but I think most will find it worth reading.  My reason for publishing it again is it was the same voice (the old man) that I heard in the middle of the Medediterranean Sea in a force 10 storm alone with a cat and a parrot.  It reads like a James Bond novel.


This is a story that sounds like it came straight out of a James Bond novel.  It has all the necessary elements, terrorism, espionage, guns & explosives, high seas and much more.  It’s true and we lived it every wonderful and every terrifying moment of it.  I have been reluctant to write or even speak about it, but possibly enough time has passed, added to that, it would be harder to be in more danger than I find myself most days anyway.  I have edited it In order to make this story short enough for you to enjoy without going into all the details and to protect some that are still out there and trust me.

I will begin in 1984, we had been in Israel for 5 years and the Holy Spirit had established us in our homeland Israel. Giving us ministry throughout Israel. We had become dual citizens of both the United States and Israel.  Like most men my age I was a member of part of the IDF called Hagar.  Nothing glamorous, that translates into the olds men’s unit, (I was 43 at the time) all Israeli men at that time had to do at least one month out of every year in IDF service up until they were 57.  I was in the IDF in 1982 during the Lebanon invasion, but I am getting away from what I should be telling you.  So let us get back to the Gospel-Ship.

In the previous years a women in Baton Rouge had come up to me after a service and gave me what appeared to be some sketches of the beginning of a coloring book.  I had brought them back to Jerusalem, I didn’t know what to do with them, they had a very catholic look to them, you know the type, and the Virgin Mary had a halo and dressed in a gown.  I placed them on a corner of my desk, and simply forgot them.  A couple of years later (1984) I found them under the pile that usually mysteriously gathers on my desk.  But now something was different, I had in those years been in contact with many Palestinians who call themselves Christians.  They are for the most part Greek Orthodox (possibly 85%) and the other 15% or nearly, are Roman Catholic. (No letters please)..

As I set there looking at these drawings I realized that they were something special.  They showed the entire plan of God’s Salvation; it was all there, the Death. Burial and the Resurrection. What was more important they had a look about them that would attract the Arabs because for them in order for it to be Holy it would have to have this Catholic look to it.

This piece of work once turned into a coloring book, had several values, the first being it gave the plan of salvation, from a Bible perspective not a Greek Orthodox or Catholic one.  I had all the verses under each picture translated into Arabic, so it had educational value in that it taught English as well. It was a coloring book, so that gave it art value also.  All the above made it easy to distribute throughout the Arabs world.

Now with all of that said, we will begin our journey.  It may be well to mention something here.  “God can’t steer a vessel that is not moving under power” Sometimes even if you are not moving in the right direction but if you are moving then God can direct you.  You see it is not the gale; it’s the set of the sail.  Little did we know at that time that God was about to re-set our sails, in fact, change our lives in many ways.

I had already distributed thousands of these tracts and had them reprinted again, this time 10,000 were printed.  A friend was going to Lebanon on ministry and I ask him and his wife if they would like to have a box of these coloring books to carry with them.  They were excited to get them, and included them with their luggage. But when they got to the border they found out about an Islamic Law.  Not more than 5 copies of any religious literature were allowed to pass through. (Unless of course if it’s Islamic) So they had to leave the coloring books at the border and we lost them.  Or at least we don’t know what God may have done from that point.

I found this to be not only a dilemma but also a challenge.  For weeks I had been praying asking God how we could get literature into the surrounding Arab Countries?  Connie and I both love the sea and Connie loves the beach, she could walk the beach everyday picking up shells and just praying and never tire of it.  We had just finished a meeting in Tel-Aviv and took the opportunity to walk together on the beach, after a while we found ourselves in the Tel-Aviv marina, where we met a very interesting man. To this day I am not sure he wasn’t an angel.  His manner of dress said he was a captain or at least a boat person.  After a short while into the conversation I told him about the coloring books and what had happened at the Lebanon border.  He explained to me how easy it would be to take these books into Lebanon with a boat.  (It was 1984 things were then different)  Then he explained what is called “Port of Call”, a maritime law that is honored by all Nations. When any vessel makes a “Port of Call” in a foreign port they are given certain liberties in that port and most of the time liberty in that country. It is sort of a short visa to visit there.

Lights started going off in my head, this was the way to beat the Islamic Border law of only 5 copies of the book.  But we had one small problem; we didn’t have a boat, or didn’t even know a Believer who did.  It was praying time.

Every morning and every evening, I spent special time aside from all the others praying I did this daily just praying about this boat.  In the mail came a letter with $10,000 from a person I never knew who wasn’t on the mailing list, this is what she said. “God told me that you needed this money to make a very special purchase and the rest will come”. Within 24 hours from receiving that check a friend of mine had just come from Larnaca Cyprus and told me that the marina there had lots of beautiful boats for sale and great prices.  Well I knew that $10,000 would not buy a boat you’d want to get in open seas with.  But I also felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit.  So I went to Cyprus.

It was almost as if the Lord led me straight to this beautiful 60 foot twin screw (2 diesel engines) and two masked ketch, known as a twin screw ketch. It was love at first sight. But keep in mind, God knows you better than you know yourself. I found the person who took care of the boat and he gave me a guided tour, Started the engines and we took a little sail, and under sail she was just too much to even dream for.  Knowing that a boat like this new would cost $150,000 or more, but she was old and needed lots of TLC.  When we got back in port I ask him how much he’d take for the boat.  He said $40,000 as she sets mate.  I asked him if he’d give me 90 days, and he said he’d give me 60.

Back in Jerusalem I didn’t waste any time sending out a letter explaining that I needed $30,000 plus the repairs and expenses to get her seaworthy.  In the Spirit I knew God was going to supply a boat, but I also knew that in all the years in Israel we had never had that much money come in, in just 60 days. This ministry was operating at that time on around 3 to 4 thousand a month, and broke at the end of every month.  So we had to have at least that much to keep the ministry going, and that was my first obligation.  Any money that came in for the boat had to be above that amount before I could consider it for the boat.

A small group of men in a small Church in Fredickburg, Texas, they were again men I didn’t know.  I had spoken in several Churches in that area years earlier.  Sent me another check, and again for $10,000.  So wanting this beautiful boat, I thought the Lord was saying, “Offer him $20,000” So I return to Cyprus with an offer of $20,000 cash.  My offer infuriated him to the point that he said, because I had insulted him with my offer that now he would not sell me the boat at any price.


What I wanted, but not what God wanted

Wondering at this point how I could have been so wrong about hearing God.  I still knew in my spirit that God brought me here.  Sitting there on that pier out in front of that boat, I begin to pray, asking God what was going on, it was then that I said, God, is it my ego or the little boy in me that I am trying to satisfy?  Should I just forget this whole thing, and return the two checks?  It was at this time that a man sat beside me, and said, I hear you’re looking for a boat.  I told him, yes but I don’t think I have enough money to buy what I want, so I guess I will just forget it.  He pointed straight in front of us, and said what about that boat.  At that very moment I knew a miracle had happened.  Sunshine came through the clouds and only that boat was bathed in sunshine, and it was beautiful.  It was an old boat, 50 feet, with twin masts and twin diesel engines also.  She didn’t have the long sleek look like the one I had been wanting, but she looked strong, roomy and sea worthy.

The Middle East Gospel Ship


Jerry's ministry today includes this "Gospel Ship" which sails to ports in the middle East.


This man told me that he had been taking care of this boat for three years for the owner who lived in London, and that he wanted to sell.  We took her out for a test and she performed absolutely beautifully.  She didn’t do all that well under sail as she weighted 44 tons, and was very slow under sail, but would do 4 to 5 knots with a decent wind.  She carried 180 gallons of diesel fuel, and had two British diesel engines of only 70 HP also a generator.  With just the engines I could sail a 1000+ miles.  With a little wind possibly 3000 miles.  She had four cabins and would sleep 10.  A beautiful galley and two heads, sitting room and a well equipped Helm with a 34-mile radar.  I am telling you all this to let you know that there is no way we will be able to purchase this boat.

When we got back in the marina, I told him what I had to offer.  Knowing even if he said yes I would be in trouble. Because this was a wooden boat and had been in the water for three or more years she needed to be taken out and completely sanded down and re-done.  But if I could get it for that much God would certainly take care of the rest.

He called the owner in London, and I talked to him on the phone, he said he’d take $60,000, I told him why I wanted the boat, and that all the Lord had given me was $20,000.  He asks me if I’d call him back in one hour.  When I called him back he said he and his wife prayed about it, and God said to sell it to me, for $20,000.  So the Middle East Gospel-Ship became a reality that day.

Knowing that when I gave them the $20,000 I did not have what it took to even get her pulled out of the water, much less get the repairs she needed done.  I called Connie back in Jerusalem and she said she also felt that God was leading and we should do it. She hadn’t seen the inside; it was a mess, as it had not been lived in for over three years.

I will not bore you with a lot of details. But with a lot of hard work we got her in shape.  And the Middle East Gospel-Ship was a reality in the water. But these details could make a complete book with no problem.

The boat opened up ministry in Southern Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus and the entire coastline of Eastern Turkey.  It made it possible to carry food, supplies and teams of Christian workers everywhere we went.  For over two years this ministry was growing, and it looked like we would need more boats to keep up with the ministry needs.  We even began to formulate a plan to bring Jews out of Russia.  But in 1985 things began to happen to change the course of events.  The first is a tragedy in the Larnaca Marina.

A PLO terrorist shot and killed three Mossad Agents in the marina; we were the only other Jews and Israeli citizens in the marina at the time.  They (the PLO) took the entire marina hostage for ten days, daily they ran up and down the piers shooting in the air, and shouting in Arabic “Ala is great and kill the Jews”.  Our two youngest Rachel “Charity” and Joel aged at that time was 12 & 7 were visiting a friend when the two Agents were killed and they witnessed these killings.  The Agents were two men and one woman, they had shot the woman many times with a machine-gun and laid her body over the bow of the boat, and then handcuffed the two men and shot them in the back of the head.  Charity and Joel saw all of this.  During those ten days when the Terrorist would run by the boat shouting kill the Jews, and knowing we were the only Jews in the Marina was terrifying to them as it was to Connie.  We were also aware of the fact, that several of the people living in the marina knew who we were.  If one of them told these Terrorists they would kill us. We could do nothing but sit and wait for them to leave or to come for us.  After ten days they left.

I applied for our exit visa, knowing I had to get Connie and the kids out of there as soon as possible.  They told me it would take a couple days before we could leave.  That night at around 2: AM I heard someone step on the deck of our boat.  My first thought was that they (the PLO) had found out we were here, and came back to kill us.  I slipped out a bow hatch and came around and surprised our visitor, only to find that he was a Mossad Agent.  He asked me if I would meet with him at 8 Am in a little café near the marina.  I agreed to meet with him.

He told me that many of those who I thought were Lebanese Christians were in fact, Shiite’s from Iran.  He asked me if I would hold off on the exit visa for a few days and just stay around a listen to their conversation.  He also asked me not to ask questions that I was not a trained spy and I could cause suspicion if I did.  But if I heard anything to call this number, he gave me a phone number in Nicosia a code name, told me that no one would talk with me, but just to wait on the beep and leave my message with the code name.  “I told you this would sound like a James Bond Novel”

The next day I was talking with a British captain I had become friends with whose boat was just few down from ours.  He told me that he’d be pulling out in the middle of the night, so don’t be worried when I heard his boat start up.  He told me he had some passengers for Beirut. So for the next few hours I watched as several Arabs (looked like Palestinians) load some very large and heavy bags on my friend’s boat.  It was time to make that phone call.

The next evening while watching the News I heard about my friends boat (The Casiladee) (SP) being captured by the Israeli Navy, there were 46 Terrorists and a lot of explosives and guns taken, the Israeli navy had taken the boat to Haifa.

It was time for the Golden’s to leave again.  But now the problem was a severe storm that was over the Island and the seas were terrible.  I decided to wait until the storm had left before applying for the exit visa again.  That night I had another visitor on the deck of the boat.

It was another Mosad agent; he told me they had received word that a team of four terrorists had come to the Island with the sole purpose to take hostage and to kill the entire Golden family.  Somehow they had discovered two things.  One, they missed us when they had the marina hostages, and the other and the more serious was I had been responsible for the 46 terrorists being captured by the Israeli navy.

The agent told me we had very little time, to not worry about our things, but to just come with him.  He took us to an apartment and told us to stay inside until they could get us off the island.  We stayed there during the entire day, when night came, two agents came to the apartment, and they said they had a plan and that I would not like it.  Their plan was for me to get to the boat, and to leave without applying for the exit visa.  That it would be reported right away and it would be believed that the Golden family has left together.  Giving them the time they needed to get Connie and the two kids to the ferry and back to Israel.  My first response was, no way; I would not leave Connie and the kids.  So they convinced Connie and the more I thought about it the better it sounded and the safest for them.

There was a very heavy fog over the Island, and the storm had just passed over, the seas were beginning to calm some.  I figured I could just motor to Israel in two days, not using the sails and one man could do it alone. After giving Connie and the kids what I thought could be my last hugs, I left for the boat.  The fog was so thick no one saw me inter the marina, or go to the boat.  Our cat and Cockerel seemed happy to see me.  Quietly I disconnected from the moorings and started the engines, which were very quiet.  Under the cover of a very heavy fog and night I pulled out of the marina and set my course for Haifa, Israel, offering up a prayer for the safety of Connie and the kids I began what promised to be a very dangerous journey.

Knowing that by now I was being watched on Larnaca radar, that when I reached the 7-mile point, the alert would go out.  They would go look and see who was gone, finding out it was the Golden’s they would know my destination was Israel.  By now they may be happy the Golden’s were gone, that coupled with this bad weather and bad seas they would just let us go.


About 50 miles out the sea the waves began to get very high and choppy as they do in the Mediterranean.  But with in another hour I knew I was in serous trouble.  The seas were breaking over the top of my main mast, which was 25 feet. My radar told me that the storm has turned and it was coming right back at me.  I saw a ship on the radar and called to them, they told me they had just come from Beirut and that I better turn around for there was no way I could make it to Israel in this storm.  It had gotten to force 10, which is hurricane level.


It became impossible to stand at the helm, the boat was falling off of 20 and 30 foot waves, and each time sounding like it was going to break in half. The refrigerator broke loose in the galley and was sliding from one side to the other threatening to go through the wall.  But what concerned me the most were the gas lines in the Galley. I knew I had to get the gas turned off; the tanks were in the front outside of the cabin. With the electronics and gas leaks I was sure to blow up any time now. I managed to get out and turn the gas off, but nearly went over board twice as the boat fell off another wave, slinging and banging me around like a rag doll. It was at this time I heard myself say to God, well Father looks like this is it, please take care of Connie and kids.  I also managed somehow to get the refrigerator tied down.


My bird had fallen down the hatch and the cat was holding on to the carpet and screaming and throwing up, a seasick cat.   But when I looked down after the bird I noticed that water had risen over the floorboards meaning the bilges were full and I was in serous trouble for sure. Knowing that the engine room would be taking on water and I could lose my power.  It was way past praying time.


I remember saying to God, Father, Yeshua prayed and you calmed the seas, please calm these seas for me in Yeshua’s Name.  I learned something about prayer that has helped my prayer life for the years since this has happened.  God said to me, “I would that you should pray that I should calm the storm in you.”  I prayed that prayer, and in an instant that storm outside made no difference to me any longer, for it became as if I was taking a nice walk on the beach.  My mind became clear and I knew all was well between God and Jerry Golden.  What God had just taught me was so precious to me; real prayer originates in Heaven, not in your mind. It is not your will, but His Will that must be done.  We must learn to pray God’s Will into our lives.  Until the day when His Will and His Word become ours as well, we must be one with Him.


I also knew that I would have to return to Cyprus, believing that Connie and the kids had already left with the Mossad agents. I had been at sea all night and most of the day.  I could not make it to Israel in this storm.  My radios had quiet working and I could not figure out where I was but I knew I had blown way off course in the storm.  I didn’t know how to get back to Larnaca.  The boat was still rising and falling off waves and cracking to the breaking point each and every time.  I prayed and ask God for directions, and He gave me a number, I turned the boat the best I could finding it impossible to keep any heading.  Each time the propellers would clear water they would fan in the air making a loud noise, I knew each time I heard it that they would twist the shaft off for sure the next time.

The Island of Cyprus is divided between the Turks and the Greeks.  I knew if I was to arrive back a little north of Larnaca I could land in Turkish waters and that meant an arrest and prison for sure.  If I was to arrive a little south of Larnaca, there were large boulders that have claimed many lives and boats.  Then the thought occurred to me; just to hit the island would be a miracle.  It was 17 hours later that I saw two lights, not having a radio I had no way to find out what they were.  But as I got closer I knew God had His hand on this return trip.  It was the entrance lights to the Larnaca Marina, Praise God, and no sailor could have done that, and no human that ever lived could have done that.  Only the God I love could have done it.

It had started raining very hard again, and the seas seemed to be picking up.  I pulled into the marina and because of the bad weather no one even noticed.  The boat slipped right into the mooring and I quickly tied her off, and off I went to see if Connie and the kids were still here.  But knew I had to get away from this marina or I’d be arrested.  Not wanting to be noticed I climbed over the fence and found a friends little moped (small motor scooter) and in the stormy weather drove to the apartment where Connie and the Kids had been.

They were coming out the door when I walked up, on their way to the ferry to go to Haifa. The Mossad agents knew I had left they got all the reports, they looked at me like I was a ghost.  I was beat up, dirty and tired, even bleeding from climbing over the barbwire at the marina.  It wasn’t like we had planned, but I had been the decoy we needed, praise God.

The Mossad agents had already delivered our car to the ferry and had it loaded before we got there.  They put us in a cabin and we were told to stay there until we arrive in Israel.  In Haifa at customs, everyone was held back and we were the only ones in Customs, they put us in our car and we were off and back home in Israel.

From here begins another story, so I will close with this.  After 13 years we have returned home to Israel, we have been back for nearly 22 years.  God has given us a new and powerful ministry to save European Jews as another European holocaust is on the horizon.

but this time with a lot of experience and closer walk with God.

It is my prayer that this experience will strengthen your faith.  Remember Faith is a verb, it is an action word.  God cannot steer a vessel that is not moving.  A rudder on a boat will not work if the boat is sitting still or just drifting.  Move out in a direction that you feel is pleasing to God, if you’re wrong, God knows how to use the rudder.  God knows the intent of your heart; He knows your every thought.

This is the longest report I’ve ever sent out, I have much more to say, in fact my reason and motivation is I’ve just experienced a shocking vision but I have the feeling that many others are getting the same vision.  I’m praying about releasing it I’m not sure I should.

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Pray for the peace of Israel, pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry


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