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The Russian Army is now lined up on the Ukraine border and openly stating they plan to attack Ukraine as soon as January 2022 and this attack will look like a World War 2 invasion all over again.  It will look like the D-Day invasion.  Putin’s plan is to hit with overwhelming force to bring about a quick victory in hopes of keeping the USA at bay.  He will not use nukes as it is too close to home. Putin has over 175,000 troops on the Ukraine Border ready to strike, he is hoping that Ukraine will see what is coming at them and just surrender right away.

China has set everything up for their invasion of Taiwan.  Xi Jenping will wait for Putin to make his move on Ukraine as a cover for their invasion of Taiwan.

Both China and Russia are circling around both of America’s coast lines with nuclear powered subs.   Now China has ports along America’s west coast and only they and God know what is already sitting there to surprise the good old USA.  China has now made it very clear that their ambition is a New World Order with communist China at the helm.

Russia, North Korea and Iran all know that Biden is now owned and controlled by Xi Jinping, so the only thing the two of them have to work out is who will get what when the dust settles.


Israel is faced with invading Iran on its own or sit still and wait for the nukes to come from Iran with hundreds of thousands of missiles from Hezbollah to come out of Lebanon. And now possibly Syria and Yemen with the Houthi’s now being supplied by Iran to further encircle Israel for their final move.  Hamas in Gaza, like the rest, is just waiting for Iran to say when. Daily now we read in our papers that Israel is preparing to attack Iran so it’s not a secret.

In the meantime America is being destroyed from within as China is in control just like Trump said would happen if Biden is at the helm.  In fact China has fired the first shot of the third world war with Covid-19 killing millions and destroying many economies around the world and they have gotten away with it, so far.

I’ve witnessed many Christian ministries fold up and leave Israel because of the damage it has done to their support.  And here in Israel we are witnessing poverty never seen in Israel it is now reported that one in three kids in Israel are living under the poverty level.

We are now in the process of distributing food to many families on a weekly basis and this part of the ministry is growing far faster than our financial ability to continue feeding them.  This is why Joel has called it a leap of faith. God is blessing it and we are getting a huge blessing of being able to continue helping these Jewish families.  You can see this part of the ministry in action at our YouTube Channel

The main outreach of this ministry is saving European Jews from another holocaust. Those who are able to afford flights to Israel and can get a visa will come to an end with the coming war.  It will be directly after this coming war that God has shown me, many will be killed if they can’t find a way to escape.  For years we have been making the necessary contacts with Rabbis and others who can be trusted to work with us in rescuing them.  The necessary communications and places and routes have been put into place, but because of the restrictions of Covid we have fallen behind in the necessary face to face contacts and we now find ourselves just trying to survive ourselves.

For years I was under the impression that we needed to buy boats and we have. Yet it has taken God and Joel to show me that owning boats is not the answer.  The cost just becomes impossible with mooring and maintenance crews and captains not knowing if they will be there at the right place at the right time.  What God has shown us is that we needed the boats to establish the necessary contacts and communications but now we know we will need many more boats but boats that come with crew and other helps.  Here in Israel there are hundreds of Jewish boat owners who would jump at the chance to save fellow Jews.  There are also many Christian boat owners who would love to be a part of such a rescue regardless of the risk involved.  But all they have is a boat and the willingness to help. They have no contacts or communications, they would not know where to go for pick ups.  Contrary to what most believe the majority of yacht owners are not rich, and when they join us it is necessary for me to make sure they have the necessary provisions and safety equipment for their boats will be packed to its limit. Most of the trips across the Mediterranean will be from Cyprus, and a few Greek islands to Israel a 2 day trip for most of the boats.

As for the food outreach, it works right into the ministry because when we show up after a war provisions will be harder to come by in Israel, and if we can build up a supply of dry foods in a warehouse it would sure come in handy.  We need your help for all the above for this is also your ministry, it’s a Body Ministry.

I want to ask you to pray about asking others who love God and understand the importance of blessing Israel in these end times.  Ask them to check out our website

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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