Don’t Miss This Blessing.

Feb. 23 – 2018

Some things have to be shared from the heart and this is certainly one of them. I met and got to know Derek Prince in 1977, but it was later in life that Connie and I got to know the man himself. Visiting with him in his home and having the privilege of sitting up all night with him in a Jerusalem Hospital peeling and feeding him sweet Jericho oranges. Listening to him share stories of his life, it was a divine moment never to be forgotten.

I’ve often said there are no spiritual giants just little messengers. But I can say now without any doubt that above all the men or women I’ve ever known Derek Prince came the closest.

Someone sent me this teaching that came late in his life, while watching and listening I could once again experience sitting beside his hospital bed and hearing his voice.

Before watching this video I want to share something very personal from my heart to yours, it was after watching Derek in this video that I decided to share the following.

God has used Derek to cause me to do a deep soul searching about this ministry and the calling on my life. It has taken a lot of travel and investment to bring this ministry to the place of readiness for the mass exodus of European Jews, many contacts and communications have been put into place. The Devil has fought us all the way knowing his demise is at stake in God’s prophetic Word with regard to the re-gathering of Jews back to Israel in the end days.

Today a war is on the verge of breaking out here in Israel promising to be the worst Israel has ever had. The Jews of Europe and the world are experiencing the worst anti-Semitism since the 40’s. As believers we have only one hope and that is to have faith in God’s Word. Global hell is about to break loose around the world. You and I will lose contact but the only way this ministry will fulfil it’s commission is to be ready. And the only way that will happen is for the ones God has touched to bless the Jews through this ministry. I remember Derek telling me He (God) knows your heart and if you’re obedient or not. I pray every day that I am true to God and that you are as well.

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The Devil wants to stop this ministry and stop Jews from coming home to Israel and he will do anything to accomplish that. Please pray about your part in this ministry. We are in desperate need of hearing from you today.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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