Everything is Falling into Place

June 27, 2018



It’s amazing to watch God’s plan fall into place, as the time closes in on us for emergency evacuation of European Jews and many other things begin to fall into place making our goals of saving Jewish lives much easier and safer. Cypriot Minister Savvas Angelides and his Israeli and Greek counterparts, Avigdor Liberman and Panos Kammenos respectively, said they also seek to expand cooperation on cybersecurity, joint military drills and search-and-rescue operations in the eastern Mediterranean.


This agreement between Greece, Cyprus and Israel opens the doors for the days ahead for us in rescue operations.  When one door closes for us in Turkey God opens other doors.  We have replaced the boat in Turkey with a much more reliable boat that sails much faster and can carry around 40 from the Greek Islands to Israel in 2 days and the second boat possibly will  carry 60 on one day trips from the Island of Cyprus to Israel.


It is very obvious that the time is near for all our operations, and I feel certain God will be speaking to those who can give and have been holding back.  Provisions must now be purchased and stowed away in both boats in preparation for these trips.


We are now working overtime on emergency communications and travel arrangements out of Europe to safe pickup locations.  More equipment for communication must be purchased and more reliable trusted contacts need to be made in Jewish communities.


With battle hardened militaries on a hair trigger Israel finds itself facing Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran all being squeezed by America.  They are sitting there with years of preparations stockpiling hundreds of thousands of missiles and heavy artillery, millions of dollars of media propaganda poisoning the minds of their people with hate and now they are faced with losing it all if they don’t use it.

As for Hezbollah and Hamas they are only waiting for the go ahead from Iran to do what they have tried many times before to destroy Israel.  Iran has now lost their partner North Korea and the Iranian people are beginning to protest in masses in the streets.  You do not have to be a political genius to see the next move for these hate filled Islamic devils is to launch war against Israel with everything they have.


We know the majority of their missiles are aimed at the Tel-Aviv area where nearly two thirds of the Jewish population lives, and the first target is the International airport in Tel-Aviv.


Europe is already unsafe for Jews today, but just like the 30’s and 40’s many will remain there one day too late to fly out to Israel.  It has been our goal to get the word out in Jewish communities asking Rabbis to be in the know concerning our boats.


This is a small ministry and certainly not a rich one. If we were we’d have a much larger boat today, but that is not the case. The facts are that we have two boats; one a motor boat that needs to be replaced as it burns way too much fuel and fuel may be hard to come by in the near future.  But it can make at least two trips with a full tank to Cyprus and back to Israel, bringing around 60 each time and then pray we find more fuel.  The second boat is a sailing boat and can bring around 40 each trip.  We make an inspection of both boats today, they are both seaworthy, the only things needed now is more safety equipment for the increased number of passengers, a water maker for fresh water on one of the boats in case we are stranded for any length of time at sea with a lot of people on board.  The radar on one of the boats is a very old Black and White and on its last legs, it should be replaced.


There are thousands of things that need to be done in advance and it would take a book to list them all, but the one thing, as always, it is finance that is needed to take care of each of these problems.


It is certainly praying time, it’s only together we will be successful.  This is a body ministry not a one man show.  This ministry needs to hear from you.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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