Everything Turned Upside Down!


For those who have read and have some understanding of the books Daniel, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Isaiah of Revelation or for that matter Matthew or Luke. What’s happening in America and around the world including Israel should not be surprised.  What is a surprise is how quickly it is happening, how the minds of people seem to have been affected in evil ways. How the church that represents the Christian faith has been so torn apart by so many different doctrines.  It has become so complicated that when someone is asked if they are a Christian they wonder what kind of Christian they are referring to.  The Jewish faith is not any different. There are many different kinds of Jews from different ethnic cultures here in Israel and I find more every time I look around and like Christians they also don’t get along very well.


After many days meditating and praying about what is happening it has come down to one word “confusion“, and we know who the author of confusion is.  America and most of Europe has raised a generation of young people who no longer looks at things as Holy or unholy, good or bad, but as OK or not, fun, profitable or not.  For the most they have been part raised without a father in families who haven’t seen the inside of a Church  or Synagogue, who couldn’t quote a single scripture. They went to schools where Jesus was a word they couldn’t even say out loud for fear of punishment.  Where homosexuality was no longer a sin but taught as an alternative lifestyle even encouraged.  Today’s Millennials are being taught that globalism is the way of the future. Like the Democrats in the US Congress they believe we should do away with borders and just be world citizens.


What I’m trying to say is that everything is turned upside down and the Devil is having a global revival. First with confusion and then with his direct assault on Jews and Christians who the Quran calls the (People of the Book).  As long as Islam is legal in the US there is no chance of ever defeating them.


As for Europe, for the most part it has already surrendered to Islam and there is no future for a Jew or Christian there. Possibly there is a small window of opportunity to save their cultures and countries but it is a small window indeed.  They have closed most of the churches and converted the rest into mosques.  The evil of Islam and the devil are one and the same; to destroy both the Jew and the Christian. He knows his demise is in their hands that God’s prophetic Word requires the return of Yeshua to Israel.  I think the question for us, is it in God’s Will for us to fight or be like sheep led to our slaughter at the hand of Islam.  The question I wonder about is has our generation been so mentally and spiritually deprived that we are willing not to fight for what is right.  I know the answer for us here in Israel, but I do wonder about the people of faith in America and Europe.


In regard to President Trump it’s good to remember that God never chooses a perfect man to testify about a perfect Messiah. The reason is that there are no perfect men or women walking on the face of this earth.  But when God does choose an individual to serve Him it is someone who He has or will be  prepared and lead. It’s not necessary for him to ask the Democrats or the Republicans in Congress if it’s okay.  It is my strong belief that God is giving America one more chance to turn things around and too resist the Devil so he will flee from you.  By my observation from this location is that it doesn’t seem to be a job Trump or anyone else will be able to accomplish.  It could only happen at this time by a real miracle at the Hands of God, but God seldom does anything except through the ones he chooses and separates with His anointing and blessings.  We should be praying for President Trump every day, our lives and future may depend on it.


This ministry has witnessed the same evil attack as others who are serving God and being obedient to His calling.  Over the past few years we have made many arrangements with European Jewish communities with our boats to save Jewish lives. Establishing safe houses in the right places with the right people but it seems that all of a sudden we begin to receive emails and letters telling me that they no longer go to church and feel God is leading them in a different way. Some are accepting ‘Noahhide’ doctrine, meaning they are denying Yeshua as Messiah. Many have accepted the replacement theology dogma while others are telling me that they no longer support Israel but support the “Palestinians”.  Some just feel that I haven’t done enough to satisfy their support but there is only so much I can do or say.


The fact is it’s time for all the preparations made in ports and communities, with individuals and groups and a hundred other things we have been able to arrange.  And as the time approaches for operations we find ourselves without the needed funding for fuel, provisions and even the survival of the Golden family.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in this ministry for boats, travel, making arrangements and contacts with emergency communications, et al.  All will have been for nothing and not a Jew saved because many have been confused by the Devil.


Our son Joel who has traveled with me for years and is in full knowledge of everything necessary in the operation of the boats is now 40 and in the position to help move things forward.  He has spent all his free time over the past 20 years from the IDF working in the ministry. The income for him and his wife and two beautiful kids has been dependant on Connie supporting them and that means as of late they haven’t received much, and Eva 5 and Jerry 3 unbeknownst to them have suffered for lack of money to do things they deserve.  I don’t mind telling you that as a grandfather this really tears at my heart.  Pray with me that Joe and Ola will receive a real blessing from Yeshua soon, Joel needs to know that this really is a Body Ministry and that the Body God He has placed with us in this ministry are standing with us to the end.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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