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Facts and Simple Math, Just Truth.


Facts and Simple Math, Just Truth.


Like the rest of the world I’ve been watching the Trump Tour of the Middle East and Europe. Before I say what’s on my mind first I want to say I am a Trump supporter. I believe some how and some way he will bring about the prophetic Word of God. I also believe he is America’s last chance and the Devil is fighting him for both of the above mentioned reasons. BUT, I disagree with many things being said and done for what that is worth, most likely not much.


To begin with Trump, like so many others, keeps saying the war is not against Muslims but against radical Islam. He says it is not religious – it is an ideology that must be fought and destroyed. As someone who has lived in the Middle East for over 30 years and served 7 years in the IDF and whose son is a Special Forces IDF soldier I can tell you without a doubt it is about religion and that Islam is also about Ideology and a form of government. And when you accept Muslims you have to accept it all together sooner or later because there is no separation between Islam and Muslims.


We here in Israel watched Trump do the sword dance with the Saudis wondering what in the world is wrong with him. Doesn’t he know or understand that it is the form of Islam called Wahhabi that comes from Saudi Arabia, that it is the Saudis who are building all the Mosques in the US and around the world? That it is the Saudis who are teaching Wahhabi in public schools across the United States and the world that it is the Saudis who have the master plan to convert the world to Islam.   That Ben Laden and 15 of the 19 Terrorist of 911 came from Saudi Arabia. And why didn’t he mention the treatment of women or the fact that Bibles are not allowed in Saudi Arabia and the hundreds of other human right issues. Or that President Trump wouldn’t even be allowed to enter into Medina or Mecca because he is an Infidel in their eyes. Enough about Saudis, now let’s take a different look at what’s happening in Europe.


Most of us have wondered why the Leaders of Europe have chosen to commit suicide by submitting to Islam. People like Angela Merkel of Germany and Teresa May of England and now the new President of France Emmanuel Macron, they, like many of the European Leaders, have something in common; “They have no children”. You might say, well that is only 3 of many. But when you look around there are others who don’t have children, Stefan Liven of Sweden, Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland, Xavier Bethel of Luxembourg, and the Dutch Prime minister Mark Rutte.               As childless rulers of their countries their main concern is not for the future but their own selfish survival and to stay in power as long as possible.              


At the end of 2015 the Israel Jewish population was around 7 million there were 2.8 million children in Israel aged between 0-17, amounting to 33 percent of the population, of whom roughly (71.3%) are Jewish. Jewish women had given birth to an average of 3.13 children as of last year – far above all other western countries.


The US Birth Rate is 1.86 per woman and declining and if you took away from that all the illegal immigrants giving birth in the US it would of course be much lower. To maintain a stable population requires at least 2.1 births per woman. The US has been at or below the replacement fertility rate since 1972.


Imam Qaradawi, the guru of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke of the Islamic birth rate as the weapon for the “non-violent conquest of Europe”. For the most part European women have stopped having babies or have only one.   Muslims have 6 to 8 babies per woman and millions of Muslims have invaded Europe.


We could go on an on with this line of               research and information for example we could go into the increase and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle and the effect that has on the birth of children and the materialistic mindset of the average individual over having a large family. But I need to move on to more immediate problems we are having in this ministry. In fact when I sat down to write this article this is not what I had in mind to write about, but I have a routine of first sitting here and praying for a period of time and then start typing and go where it leads me.


Sometimes I wonder what it is I am trying to say, so I stop like I just did and read it all again.  This time I find that I am saying what you most likely already know, the world is in a terrible mess and only God can show us the way out of it.              


The Devil has known from the beginning that this day was coming and he has prepared for his final battle to devour as many souls as possible, and that preparation has a name and that name is Islam. An evil religion that would hunt down and kill Christians, behead them and cause many to submit to the evils of the Devil’s religion.


In America and around the world we are seeing the masses confused by the evil mind control of the media. In the third world countries where the media has less of an effect we see the barbaric Islamic murderers killing by the tens of thousands with no regard for human life.              


I find it difficult to understand why the world can’t see God’s hand on Israel – a land and people who have, and still are, giving so much good to the world. But it all comes into view clearly when we read God’s Word and realize all these things have been prophesied in God’s Word over and over again throughout the Bible. Yet we seem surprised about current events. It was time for Obama and now it’s time for Trump – there is a season for everything in God’s Word. You and I have little to no choice but to accept the only peace available in these days and that is in the blessed Messiah, the knowledge that it is all in God’s timing and His timing can be seen clearly by keeping your eyes on Jerusalem.


As for those of us called to this ministry of rescuing and saving God’s people the Jews from the coming European Holocaust we have only two choices to say Yes or No when He calls.               And God is calling all of us now.


If you are reading this site for the first time I encourage you to read over some of the past reports to understand our needs. If you are one of the many who God has brought to this ministry but have a problem releasing your finances I ask you to take it to God today for our time is limited and the needs have never been so desperate. So much depends on your answer to the Yes or No.


I want to ask you to pray about asking those you know who love Israel and the Jewish people to join us, ask them to pray about it.


If you really want to see what is happening in Europe and could happen where you’re at CLICK ON THIS.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.              


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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