God Help The Ukrainian Jews.

The situation in the Ukraine is getting worse daily for the Jewish population even through we have not prepared to rescue Jews that far away with the boats we now have, I feel there is no other option for us if there is any possibility of rescuing Ukrainian Jews from the Ukraine regardless of the distance. It makes little deference as to what side of the battling forces wins they are both very anti-Semitic and the future for Jews in the Ukraine is looking far to dangerous and their evacuation seems imminent.

Our boats may be able to only rescue 30 each and the trip would take around three weeks calling for a large amount of provisions and fuel but as you read this God is opening doors to make things possible.

All of our plans were to rescue Jews from the Greek Islands, Turkey, and Cyprus. This sailing all the way through the Black Sea poses many new security problems.

In the Jerusalem Post there was a recent article about Rabbi Kruskal it reads as followers.

“Rabbi Refael Kruskal – the head of the Tikva organization, which runs a network of orphanages and schools and provides social services to the city’s elderly – several of the wounded from Friday’s clashes were Jews, and the community is taking all necessary precautions.”

This same Rabbi has responded to our contact with the following email.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you very much for your email and the offer of assistance to help. At this time we feel we have the situation under control with additional security and other measures we have taken. Because a lot of the children do not have passports and many other technical reasons we are not planning for an evacuation from Ukraine at this time. This is the worst case scenario which we will only use if hell broke loose.

I would be grateful to be in touch with you if God forbid at any point you do need to take up your offer.

Kindest regards


Refael Kruskal
CEO of Tikva

Connie and I will leave for Turkey on the 12th, if possible I will send a report some time. We will be on the boat we keep there in the event the call comes for us to set sail. While in Turkey we will once again be looking at larger used Gullets that are sea worthy and capable of carrying hundreds.

God has called many reading this report to support this Ministry, now is the time for your obedience we really need your support. Gen. 12:3

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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