God is calling them Home now!

Dec 14 – 2018

French and English Jews are moving to Israel in record numbers. In France it is reported today that over 200,000 French Jews are moving to Israel.  That number is about the same for England.  The question for Israeli’s is how to handle a sudden influx of 400,000+ European Jews.  Hundreds of new apartment buildings are going up in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv in anticipation of the new arrivals.  It looks like the Israeli Government is trying to stay ahead of the problem of housing.  You would think that would drive the selling price and rent of apartments down, but just the opposite has happen and the prices have doubled.

When you read of the 200 or 400 thousand Jews emigrating to Israel from France and all of Europe you might think that is the end of that problem, but not so.  The Jews who are moving are the ones with enough money to make the move and start another life in Israel at such a high cost of living. For everyone who can make such a move there must be at least 3 or 4 Jews who can’t afford even the air ticket.


There will be thousands of Jews left behind to face another Holocaust; it is those Jews we are preparing to rescue.  That is why it is so important at this time to make sure they know about us and how to contact us for help.  We have been working on this for years now and know the time is very close and we are far short of completing the job of communications needed with the right Rabbis and others in the Jewish communities of Europe.  There is still much to be done and we all know the time for preparations is running out fast.  For us to complete the task of rescuing them they have to have someone they trust in their community to lead them to the right places for us to find them.  The logistics of that part of the operation alone is tremendous and can only be done with secrecy, I can tell you after making many trips talking with them that this will not be a cake-walk. In fact the dangers are everywhere we look including at the danger of sailing in open seas and the only way to get this done safely is for me to be totally aware of the dangers and avoid them when possible.  Emergency communications is one of our biggest problems. We have found a way to solve it quickly but it takes finances and lots of it.  There are many things that need to be done to make our boats safe and ready and provisions will be needed.  For one thing our boats both need water makers and solar panels.  We can go without either but it would be nice to have that extra level of safety.


One of the biggest problems will be the purchase of fuel. With our motor yacht and a full tank we can make two trips from Israel to the Island of Cyprus and back, (400 mile round trip) then we will need fuel and most likely will not be able to find it.  What I am hearing from contacts I have is most will not be able to make it from places like Germany, Netherlands, France, and England and other places only a handful has assured me they can make it to Cyprus.  With the boats we now have we would be very limited on the number we can take aboard for a two day trip at sea.  So for Cyprus that may work out well for us.  But it still leaves the problem of the poorest of the European Jews without a way home, and they will certainly be murdered in the next Holocaust and we all know it and they know it.


This motorboat needs to be sold and the money put towards a larger sailing boat capable of reaching out further and carrying many more home to Israel.  For someone reading this and who wants to move to Israel right away, it would be a great home for a family of 4 or 5 and in a very secure neighborhood in Herzilya or any of the other 5 marinas in Israel. This would also give them the possibility of moving anywhere in the Mediterranean and beyond just pull up anchor and leave.  It is also possible that the buyer would want to be part of this ministry and their buying it adds a boat and gives us the capital to start looking for the larger sailing boat.  But if this is to happen it will and must be done soon – real soon.  If you plan on making that move and are serious please let us get together and work it out right away.  Please, if you are not serious don’t take up my time.



With the sailing boat we will be able to bring a couple of dozen with a very limited amount of luggage.  With a larger sailing boat we could reach out much further and carry over a 100 home each trip and making many trips to Israel.  Read more CLICK HERE


I know you may not like hearing this all the time from me but we are at the lowest point financially that we have been in for the past 20 years.  In short we are really hurting. The Devil is mad and knows what we are about to do and there is nothing he hates more than the Jews and the nation of Israel.


The war here in Israel is about to start and promises to be the worst Israelis have seen. The death toll is expected to be in the tens of thousands and we are certainly worried about our families being able to survive the bombing and shelling, and the “Palestinians” going crazy believing once again they can destroy Israel and kill all the Jews.


In fact, they have been going crazy all this past week, and the weeks before that over 400 missiles were fired into our Jewish communities to kill civilians.  In the past few days 5 IDF soldiers have been killed and many wounded.  They are ramming their cars into crowds of Jews at bus stops and drive-by shootings are a daily event.  They know the war is about to begin and the Arab Muslim media is really encouraging them to kill Jews.


I will close with this. There is no doubt in my mind that God could have found a more qualified man or woman for this ministry, but He never seems to want to use them and always calls someone with little to no real qualification for the job.  I certainly fit that mold. But we are trying our best and like others struggling with the finances. Yet one thing is obvious. With all the work, contacts, communications, buying two boats and being blessed by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) who has touched you and many others to be part of this Body ministry, we have accomplished much. However, it’s ‘now’ that is important and without your sacrifices and prayers this ministry is really up against the wall with nowhere to turn but to God in prayer.  He will speak into your heart and spirit to love the Jews and Israel for they are the apple of His eye and so much depends on what you, I and others do at this late time.


Isa. 11:11

Ezek 36;24

Jer. 31:10

Gen. 12:3


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for your part in this ministry.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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