God Knows How Many!


April 7 – 2019


We are faced with a time sensitivity situation, I say time sensitive because for several nights in my dreams I’ve seen and heard the same thing, it is a simple word and to the point.  “You’re not ready, get ready, many in Europe have been hearing what you say and are now wondering if you will be there when the time comes”


It is now very necessary to contact these Jews personally and face to face with their Rabbis and other Jewish leaders.


There are Jews and Believers in positions in Europe, Greek Islands, Turkey and Cyprus who need to contact me and they know how to do that.  To them I say that very private line of communication is now open.  We know what you’re going through, praying every day in Yeshua’s Name.  For the Believers in the above mentioned places of assistance you know how to contact me as well.  Please pray for our finances and for God to increase our faith.  So much now depends on our ability to have the necessary provisions, fuel, food, basic medical supplies on board, but more important right now is the need for us to travel and meet again face to face and

Finalize certain plans.


For those God has moved on by His Spirit, your support is important and needed more than ever.  Pray.


All this is happening at a time when we are experiencing our absolute worst financial crisis in decades, we are at the bottom and looking up, God we know it’s in your hands.


We know war is like a dark cloud over us but we also have the wonderful knowledge of God’s Word, we know the beginning to the ending and when it all settles Jews will only have one place on this earth to live as a Jew, Israel.  Please open your Bible and read Gen. 12:3.


I don’t know how many Jews we will save, maybe hundreds maybe a handful but one thing I do know that number may be directly related to the sacrifices of those God has chosen to be part of this Ministry and others.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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