Great Opportunity

Great Opportunity

May 11, 2020

There is an unbelievable opportunity ready to be taken advantage of for the right person or persons.  Someone reading this with an extra few hundred million dollars laying around and willing to do the right thing for European Jews for without help they have no way to leave or get themselves and family to Israel. 

This is just one picture of huge cruise ships anchored at sea because there is no available mooring for them and there are hundreds scattered in open sea with crews on board unable to leave until their employment is completed.  It cost these cruise ship companies millions of dollars per day to keep these ships moored at sea with no income being made and now it looks like there will be no recovery any time soon.  So the big question is; what can the owners do to stop losing millions per day? 


There are several answers to that question but I can see one very clearly.  Someone with the kind of money it would take, “many millions” to organize such an answer to the problem. There are European Jews and Christians who are living in fear and feel trapped with no way out. 


I just read an article about the thousands of billionaires in the world.  Can you tell me what or why would someone with that kind of money not use it to save Jewish and Christian lives around the world?  Because with just the ships we can see in this one picture could save most of them with the right organization and management.  It would take the right kind person or company with the ability to negotiate with the cruse ship companies, that’s not me is it you or do you or do you know some one who should read this? 

In the Mean Time

We can now see a window of opportunity opening for the last ditch effort to get the right people on the ground and in the sea with the small boats we now have to save as many as we can.  As for the ships above I have no delusion that it would be possible for me to be involved in such a great historic event to save my Jewish people but that does not mean I am willing to give up or give it my very best effort.


This ministry was hurting financially before the coronavirus but because of it we are now hurting and wondering what will happen next.  The sailing boat we now have is in need of all new stainless rigging at a price tag of $12,000 in fact if we don’t come up with it soon we lose our insurance and without that we are not allowed to stay in any marina. 


As important as that is it is still just the tip of the iceberg. All the arrangements we made over the past few years with Jewish communities, safe house, provisions, communications, and important contacts with the right trusted people will have all been for nothing if those who God has called to support this ministry don’t step up in a big way. 


The other boat owners we have arranged to help with their small 30 to 40 foot sailing boats are not rich folks; they are called yachties. Some with a small military pension or retirement living on a budget and they basically find work for themselves from one country and marina to another. They can only join us if we are able and willing to assist them with finances fuel and provisions as well as directions. They are willing to put their lives on the line to save others but just don’t have the financial ability at this time and I no longer have the ability to tell them we will help with the expenses.  And they need to know if they are still needed and how when and what to do but I am unable to answer them simply because of the lack of finances on this end.  Enough about money already because with God it is not about money it is about the lives of Jews and Christians the two olive branches. 


If you are in touch with any of these billionaires please give them a copy hoping they will establish a large ministry and put all their talented people to work saving Jews and Christians all over the world.  And be able to take advantage of the cruise ships going to waste sitting idle at sea.  If they have any change left over this ministry would love to hear from them and soon. Our success or failure depends much on others obedience to this calling.  Besides the need for rigging what we really are praying for is a larger boat but not the size of a cruise ship. Just 30 or 40 meters because this ministry can go into marinas and ports they can’t and every Jewish and Christian life is very valuable.


We could reach and save many with a boat like this.  I say like this for a reason. In the Eastern Med this is a very common boat seen entering and leaving marinas and ports it draws no special interest from anyone.  I have priced many of them and know that now is the time to buy. Owners who had a good charter business are now faced with monthly bills for crew and maintainece with no end in sight.  These new Turkish Gullets around 30 meters cost around two million dollars, but because of today’s economy and no charter business they can be found for around $400k and they still have no buyers.  A lot of money I know but when it is all said and done it would be one,  if not the greatest investment anyone ever made.  Gen. 12:3

It gets great fuel economy and can make it under sail in the event we can’t find fuel.  I know I’ve said this a few times before but I just can’t stop because I know the good it would serve in saving European Jewish lives.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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