Hamas and Gaza Hostages

May 17 – 2018

This so called “Peaceful Protest” on our Gaza Border was anything but peaceful. In fact all you could hear was shouts to kill the Jews. If Israel hadn’t stopped them from entering Israel they would still be killing Jews in hundreds of Jewish settlements near the border.

I just heard a couple of interviews from Gazans who do not want to be recognized for fear of death that told the whole story. The majority of the Arab civilians who showed up did so only because of threats of what would happen to them and their families if they didn’t. You can see in the videos that the large majority stood quietly in groups taking pictures.

I want it to be understood that the Gazans have every right to protest for they live in deplorable conditions, but it isn’t Israel who holds them in deep poverty.  It is the terrorist organization Hamas. They take all the international financing (hundreds of millions of dollars) and use it to build terrorist tunnels and buy missiles to destroy Israel with. Today as I write this dozens of Israeli trucks loaded with medical supplies and food has been rejected by Hamas at the Gaza border. They know that the only way they can keep control over the population is to keep them hungry and fill them with hate over the airways and in the schools.

As long as European Countries and America continue to send them millions the inciting and hatred will continue to be preached and Hamas will stay in control and civilians will be sent up front in hopes of large numbers of them will be killed. Because their largest victory comes from the liberal mainstream media and the Arab world who have for the most part already taken over large parts of Europe. They have much of the rest of the world paralyzed with fear not wanting to accept that it is Islam that has come to destroy all they value in life.

I can tell you what I know about Israelis and Jews in general. We want peace and we care about the living conditions of our neighbors but in reality it must be understood that we pulled out of Gaza making over 9,000 Israelis homeless and without a way to make an income to support their families so the Arabs could build a life for their families. Instead they send missiles and dig tunnels into our civilian populations all to kill us. They have allowed the terrorist organization Hamas to control them and when given the opportunity to vote in elections they voted for Hamas to head up their government. The bottom line; they are controlled by Hamas and they have no peace or anything that resembles a decent life for their children. Yet the world wants to compare these Islamic murdering monsters to Israel as if they should be treated equally. The whole idea is insane and there is no way Israel will cease to exist yet that is the only thing that would satisfy these Islamic murderers.

I don’t know any Israeli who is happy with the death toll over the past few days, but we all know if they were not stopped from entering Israel thousands of Israeli Jews would be dead today. It still tears at my heart but we know the civilians have been totally brainwashed with constant incitement knowing they must tow the line or they will be killed by Hamas. Over 50,000 of them showed up at the border knowing that if they didn’t they would have been marked by Hamas as enemies.

It is so sad. So very sad. I heard an 8 month old baby was killed at the border and of course the world at large will blame Israel for that. But what about an Arab mother who would bring a 8 month old baby to something like that? These are the same Islamic brainwashed mothers who say they want all their sons and daughters to become suicide bombers and they are so proud of them. These are the people the world wants to replace Israel with?

A new and lighter subject but as important possibly in some ways even more important, saving Jewish lives.

We are in the process of buying another boat. It is a 45-foot sailing boat capable of carrying 30+ every other day from the Island of Cyprus to Israel. It is a sailing boat and gives us the ability to make these trips without the need to buy fuel. But if necessary it has a small 50 hp motor that carries enough fuel to make the trip back and forth twice, the round trip is around 400-miles.

There are a few things that must be installed before we can use her.  One is a water maker and the other solar panels to keep the batteries charged while at sea. The mainsail is in good condition but the genoa needs to be replaced and that is expensive. But as she sits we can make trips.

We all know that all hell is about to break loose and our time for preparation is running out and we need to hear from you soon.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF solders, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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